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Artist: Bizzy Bone
Album:  A Song for You
Song:   Muddy Waters
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[Intro: Bizzy]
Ha ha ha ha, they say start it all over again
Whatever you goin through it's somebody goin through somethin worse
Let's do this
[Chorus: Bizzy Bone]
And that's life in the city kid
Everybody ain't gon' make it out the hood (out the hood)
You wanna flow like Bizzy did
Just keep the faith, and it's all to the good
[Bizzy Bone]
Your girl is cheatin on you, you finna go to jail
Now you just lost yo' job, yo' house is up for sale
Your friend just passed away, before you said goodbye
Your son goin to war, and you still don't know why
Yo' mom contracted AIDS, and right before she died
She couldn't speak a word, but she can blink her eyes
See she was paralyzed, and you so scared to cry
You wanted to show her your strength, and tell her the Lord provides
The church is takin money, sellin granny a dream
She wanna go to heaven, think she can get it with green
Yo' cousins gettin rich, off of a triple beam
You see him losin weight, it started off with 'Premes
It elevated to rocks, and now he's on the pipe
He used to ride 22's, now cousin ride a bike
Yo' momma got a man, her man he got a temper
So he beat you right up, gets drunk and don't remember
As soon as you go to school, yo' teacher asked "What happened?"
Your peers they know the story, you say "Ain't nuttin crackin"
Yo' money's runnin low, and it ain't no welfare
Remember 'Pac said, "Who in the hell cares?"
But Bizzy cared for ya, see I can only stare
These are the muddy waters, that I can see and hear
See and hear, see and hear, see and hear, see and hear
See and hear...
[Chorus]  2X
[Bizzy Bone]
You had you four friends, and y'all grew up together
On the corner swiggin wines, singin about the ghetto
Breakin bread, stealin cars, and stayin in trouble
House parties with the homies and then watchin 'em rumble
But soon yo' friendship crumbles, as you grow up in life
You reached the age of 30, and soon forget yo' plight
What if they blew up, and became the biggest group EVER?
I guess we'll never know; that's just the way it goes
Havin high school dreams of turnin pro
Catch an injury and now the scouts ain't 'round no mo'
Studyin to be a doctor but get pregnant in school
You decided to keep yo' child, now you must provide the food
At the tender age of 50, reachin your golden years
These are the muddy waters, that I can see and I hear
Bizzy cared for ya, but baby I can only stare
These are the muddy waters, that I can see and I hear
[Chorus]  3X w/ minor variations + ad libs
[Outro: Bizzy]
This for my momma, this for my children
This for my sister, and Eazy-E
'Pac, Biggie, Big Pun, Aaliyah, Left-Eye
Capo rest in peace nigga