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Artist: Bizarre f/ DJ Young Mace, Kuniva, Redman, Royce Da 5'9", Seven the General
Album:  Friday Night at St. Andrews
Song:   Rap's Finest
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[Intro: DJ Young Mace]
I go by the name of DJ Young Mace!
Live from St. Andrews niggaz!
All the way from 7 Mile and Stout

Yeah, yeah, yeah, uhhhh
Bam-bam-boom-bip, we turn up the psycho
Friday the 13th, nigga I'm Michael
Bad man, Boogeyman, whatever you wanna call me hoe
Westside Detroit, that's Bizarre's barrio
You a sorry hoe, I'll pull that tool
I'll act a fool nigga, smoke like some cools
I catch a lot of cases, smack a lot of faces
Rap 101 nigga it's back to the basics
Stuck in the zone, blowin microphones
Wild the fuck out nigga, leave me alone!
Dope fiend, hydro, codeine, mescalines
Bloody murder scene, Bizarre kill a teen
Get back, get smacked, I'll blast a four
Fuck the chit-chat, the impact'll blast your door
I'm so hardcore, but so wild
Black labrador, Mr. Grey Child!

[Interlude: DJ Young Mace]
Ladies and gentlemen!
Live from Runyon Ave.!
One-fourth of D12!
Eastside's finest!
The Derelict, Kuniva~!

Uhh, what up?
Yo, straight out yo' mammy throat
A derelict, watch it or get your granny smoked
Sawed-off shotty under my nanny coat
I'm C-Murder in his prime in the Cali yo
Cruisin the streets, who want a piece of this cold calico?
Up in Jackson relaxin, third tier action
Give a nigga face a slashin at my court case laughin
Pants saggin, pistol brandishin, blast it, vanishin
Drastic, ambulance pullin up, casket managin
Now you stiff like a plastic mannequin
We about that, pull a gat right where your mouth at and you panickin
Angrier than young Anakin
I throw bullets like a flag challengin a play, hollows hit his abdomen
'niva's a beast, stalkin the east, packin a piece
Nobody dies, I wanna get it crackin at least
We can fight, I do scrappin with ease
So watch your tone when you 'round here askin for me
Get off my dick bitch!

[Interlude: DJ Young Mace]
Ladies and gentlemen, we still goin strong!
Back to 7 Mile's finest
My nigga, Seven the General~!

[Seven the General]
Sir yes sir
Yadada-mean, amphetamines and Vicodins
I'm nitrogen, 7 Mile's fist-fightingest
I'm lightin this bitch up, Bizarre said "Get 'em dawg"
So I'm gon' sic 'em like Vick said "Finish y'all"
And I administer pain like a sinister
sick son-of-a-bitch from Israel, our chemist raw
Yeah I cook cocaine and such
And blow propane, threw out a Dutch, I'm 7 Mile as fuck
But that's the Westside in me
Bag up, buff up yay's and flow Hemi's (Hemi's)
Fo'-fo' semi (semi) fo' do' Sentry (Sentry)
Grams in a {?} so his bag full of empty (empty)
Mashin an MC cause my shit sells (sells)
My shit's swell so I'm live from the Braille (Braille)
When I'm out with D12, 50 pounds and a bail
Do a round for the town, 50 rounds in a scale (ay)

[Interlude: DJ Young Mace]
We not done yet!
M.I.C. representer!
The King of Detroit!
Royce Nickel Nine!
Get 'em~!

[Royce Da 5'9"]
The llama kinda scary, comparin it to Suge
Before I shoot a nigga have him actin all good
You can call me Tyler Perry, the bar you know is raised
You can take her cause she faker than your mom on braids
Like Stevie I'm blind to the bark and behave
You've seen me online drunk with arsenals waved
I go off on the brave, the same to the fearful
Aim at your head, put your thoughts on a page!
Wear a clip, air a clip, you can call me Aerosmith
+D MC+'s +Run+ when they +Walk This Way+
{?} M.I.C. niggaz, we busy, don't speak to me
Bitches is smitten by the written lyrical wizardry
Switch the, flow up, so what, I'm tote, uh
Ridin with my angel like Lo-la, uh
Recognize I'm about to blow up, though I blew
Not the fame but the breathalyzer, ah, I'm through (hahaha)

[Interlude: DJ Young Mace]
Last but not least
Representin Brick City
All the way from North New Jersey
Mr. Funk Doctor Spock

Yeah, yes sir, thank you Bizarre
Gilla House niggaz! Yo!

I'm a mad dog nigga, Cujo
So the +Dee+ watch me now like I'm Kool Moe
I'm overseas turnin weed into euro
Now I'm back to +Draw Four+ like Uno
FUCK your girl roll, I never stop gettin it
I keep runnin like your toilet need jigglin
You're loud but your mouth don't match the dividends
Your rock hard flow sound a lil' impotent
I only got sixteen, but my sixteen
like sixteen kids shot my six teens
Trenchcoat, I empty 'til the clip clean
A one-shot like Tyson hit Mitch Green
Ask my siblings, I got a problem
Your punchlines won't make it out of Round ONE!
Birds, love to flaunt all around him
You want a bad boy? You found one
Get money!