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Artist: Big Steve aka Granpappy Mafioso
Album:  My Testimony
Song:   Testimony
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[Big Steve]
Testimony recited off paper
Players take a listen begin the capers
Deep into the mind of a young black baller
Heavy shot caller
Slipping in your crib breaking you off the hardest
Before I start this arsenal of plain fuckin terror
I be the coldest nigga in this rap era
I dare a muthafucka to, (whut) come test
I release shots in tyrany to your chest
Explosive the dossage to your brain
You listening maan, peep the game
Once again it's on from dusk to dawn
Nigga we ballin, p'poppin, sippin lean when I'm rocking
Thangs never stopping with me and my click
Check my hoes and regulate my bitch
I get deeper than a mind can get sometimes
Lord forgive me I'm getting blown off mine
See I'm just a 22 year old deciple
Looking for the land of riches cuz thats vital
Whose ya idol Granpappy Mafioso
Creeping through your back door nigga if u don't know
I can go toe to toe, blow for blow
With you weak minded niggaz and ya broke rap flows
So for sho, verbal assault be the hardest
Death can be the only way u can part this
And my part has just begun
I'm high in Texas where I learn my hustle from
For real though, just chill hoe if you boppin
I love them thick yellow bones that be shopping
We hip-hopping, dropping them plats on the shelf
You gots to keep it real nigga so don't do it yourself
And let me and my click stay grinding
Waitnig for the day when the rolex start shining
Keep reminding cuz Woss Ness go coast to coast
And Pap-daddy be your muthafuckin host
With my lace game I tell it only how I see it
You want the real well so be it you can feel my testimony
My Testimony, testimony, page one for real

[Hook 6X]
Shit just keeps on passing me by