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Artist: Big Unc
Album:  Westside 'G' Style
Song:   If You Die Tonight
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[Chorus: Big Unc]
If you die tonight, tell me where you goin
If you die tonight, tell me that you knowin
If you die tonight, if you die tonight

[Big Unc]
Another young soul lost on these streets
As a tears flows from my eyes and down my cheeks
Speak on reality to what I see
A victim of society is what I be
As I hold on pickin up the peices
Spread the words to my nephews and neices
That God is real and His word heals
And the devil kills and he cant steal the will
So can you feel the pain and how can this be
Spittin these words with no profanity
Man it be, one of the hardest thing I ever done
To peek inside a casket of a loved one
Wit the question in the back of my mind
Did they know ya Lord, eternal peice did they find
And now I kick back and trippin on how I lead my life
And wonder what keeps me from diein tonight


[Big Unc]
Friday night and I'm down to roll
Gotta page from my homie now it's time to go
Wit a 40 a sack, clothes on phat
Wit the girls on stack and we got it like that
As we proceed to speed and we swervin
Girl is you wit this here and how talkin bout to let go back to your house
So I'ma bust this, so we can knock these nikes on out
Now I'm layin here wit a rat I dont know
Next thing you know, tap tap on my window
I looked up down a barrel of a gat
Take a minute realized she set me up for a jack
Now it's face down on the floor give your cash
Is that all you got and then I hear a blast
As I look back over my life
I pray to God that He dont let me die tonight


[Big Unc]
Roses dandy lions and s;eepin willows
Those who be dien, layin they heads on sleepy pillows
Will the earth straight swollow them whole
The only pain left behind is a stone to let us know
The date of birth and the day ya died
And what happens in between decides on where you ride
Is it with God, or is with Satan
Is it that hard, is it worth waitin
Until the day you took your last breath
Starin face to face with the one that they call death
Should of figured it out along time ago
That the Lord saves, but it seems that you didnt know
Save it is what you told the church
Now you're stuck in a place called hell and the flames hurt
A cemetary filled wit so much pain and sorrow
And now you pray to God that you see tomorrow