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Artist: Big Unc
Album:  Westside 'G' Style
Song:   Ruff Rugged and Raw
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Ruff Rugged and Raw 
That be the way you break it down for us all
Ruff Rugged and Raw
that was my life when I heeded His call
[Big Unc]
Im havin visions of the triple six and crucifix
Dear Lord tellme what is this you know my mind be new to this
Not knowin what is right or wrong
But knowin that my life ain't long
Or is it that my sight is gone
From shadow boxin demons all night long
then up early in the mornin on my knees I pray
then off to work for minimum wage 
Like a slave on my feet I stay
Wonderin what would it be like, seems I could only imagine
To get a record deal a beat from Quick, but it ain't gon happen
So I'll keep on bail through this hell, tryin to get a piece of heaven
Thou shall not kill, but I'm surrounded by convicted felons
Wit shakles on my feet, and shakles on my wrists
Limitations got me weak but desperation wont let me quit
And plus I'm bein judged by the color of my human skin
but thats alright, cause we all gon be judged when time comes to an end
So I choose to ride until the day that I choose to die
for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
We gon teach them how we really ride
[Big Unc]
Dear Lord help me, I'm stuck, I'm trapped
In a hell on earth is wheere my spirit is being kept at
Wit iron bars and concrete wit my fist I beat
Bangin rhythms is how I give them spiritual food that their souls can eat
defyin the laws of physics is how I exhibit
Things that prohibit life and death beyond the other limits
Why is it that we listen to thugs instead of preachers
The 1's who have no love instead of the 1's who wanna teach us
About theses biblical prophecy's thats bound to happen
Like earthquakes, rumors of wars, and the hearts of men collapsin
Perhaps you dont wanna hear that
Rather roll another joint, and twist back your beer caps
Man, its so pitiful, how we think so dang minimal
Instead of bein individuals, wanna live like them criminals
Being blinded by the devil's lies
Time to open up the rebel's eyes
Get your head up, out the sky
And quit being Christians in disguise, and let's ride
[Big Unc]
See I fell victim to yo lies along time ago
but devil yo end is near, so wont you let God's people go
Out of this hell where weak hearts and minds bein kept in control
Inside the belly of a lost soul, where no one really knows
What its like when the one you love always wants to hit ya
And yo friends say that understand
But take a look around, they ain't never wit cha
Besides you dont need the, do it by yourself
when you choose betweem the drugs and the bible that be on your shelf
See 1 kills and the other heals when you put it inside of your hand
Dont let no leaf form another land
Tell you, it will make a you man, understand
its just a trick, its just a plot
It ain't legit, have you twisted like a knot
Now you're caught
wantin to do more and more until you just can't stop
Then you wake up 1 morning and realized you're hooked on rocks
But it ain't over, by no means yo soul ain't lost
Just take it the one who hung apon the ruff and rugged cross