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Artist: Big Shug f/ Royce Da 5'9", Singapore Kane, Termanology
Album:  Play It (Remix) 12"/Wrath of Kane
Song:   Play It (Remix)
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[Intro: Big Shug] (DJ Premier) {Termanology}
Yeah man, all I'm sayin is (Remix...)
Just play the music, play all of the music, man
We gotta keep some balance in the game
Y'know? Let it play man, f'real (f'real!)
("Remix!") Uh-huh
Big Shug, Preemo, you know the deal
{5'9", Termanology! Singapore}
Just play these records man, all of em
DJs', all around the world

[Big Shug]
This year, I'm not fuckin with coward cats
who hide behind they raps and flashy Cadillacs
Scared of the battle raps and semi-auto gats
But wanna push wack rhymes from artificial cats
that wanna feel the purple haze and spots with cate-gorys
Swimmin pool with dime chicks, spendin happy days
With all my niggaz blaze, honey dips gets glazed
And I'm paid a hundred grand when I hit the stage
This is not a phase, it's a real, nigga's rage
And I'ma make sure I get it before I'm back in the cage
I promise to shoot and blaze, 'til my dyin days
'til DJs' stand and my music's played
Any beef with me'll end in castastrophe
I'm winnin while you losin, thats how it just has to be
From the vinyl, to the CDJ
Give the fans a chance to hear the fly shit I say
Play the record or get smacked clean
With another bangin joint from Big Shug and DJ Prim'
("Play it") Play it! ("Play it") Play it!
("Play it") Play it! ("Play it") Play it!
("Play it") Play it! ("Play it") Play it!
("Play it") Play it!

[Chorus: Big Shug]
Let the music play, ayy  ("You know we get down!")
Let the music play, ayyeyaay ("On the microphone" <- Erick Sermon)
Let the music play, ayy  ("Rhymes flowa like water")
Let the music play ("Hip-hop~!" <- MC Shan) Everyday
Let the music play, ayy  ("You know we get down!")
("The record is massive evidence of the 
  flexability and toughness, of the principles you perfect")

[Royce Da 5'9"]
The rap game is the WWF, we inside of these steel cages
Outrageous, things staged on real stages
Takin pictures with the long faces
Talkin hate shit, they +Hart Foundation's+ in the wrong places
When it's on, niggaz always do that +Snake+ shit
Talkin to the +Jakes+ shit
'til I have +The Undertaker+ toss you in that vase quick
You don't get no Take 6, this is not a flick
This is me, nigga, Prada kicks
Sickest nigga spittin, yeah, competition, not a sick
I done penned a lot of hits, you should read the credits 'fore you play it
("Play it") Play it! ("Play it") Play it!
("Play it") Play it! ("Play it") Play it!
("Play it") Play it! ("Play it") Play it!

Yeah, aiyyo
It's only right I demolish any artist
Semi-autos in my rhymes can describe some of my harder livings
Lucky I'm not in prison, givin my momma heart attacks
How would my daughter to react to no father figure?
The streets raised me, the radio plays me
Pigs try to frame me, but nothin could faze me
I'm crazy~! I got love for the radio stations
but you know, real shit never gets in rotation
They don't play it...
("You know-you know-you know we get down!")

[Big Shug]
("Play it") Play it! ("Play it") Play it!
("Play it") Play it! ("Play it") Play it!
("Play it") Play it! ("Play it") Play it!

[Singapore Kane]
No matter how you call it, garbage is garbage
So play the real hip-hop tracks, 'cause the true fans want it
Preem lays the boom-bap with the scratch on it
Shug's the +Street Champ+, Singapore's who he spar with
Life's a bitch, but I married her like Norbit
The sky's still the limit, I aim for the orbit
Play the record or get beat down, Diddy style
Champagne bottle your dome, it gets pitty wild

[Big Shug]
The +Team+ is now a +Dream+: Royce, Term, and Preem
Singapore Kane spit fire to the brain
No excuses now, loaded up, bloaw!
You want a record you could play, here it go now
Stamp and approve it, let the fans move it
You ask for the real, this is how we do it
Play the record or get shut down
or get, slapped or clowned, gagged or bound
Play it! {*echoes*}

[Outro: Big Shug]
Uh-huh, remix! It's what we do, man
Play the records man
Royce Da 5'9", Termanology
Big Shug, Singapore Kane
and the incredible, DJ Premier