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Artist: Big Ron f/ Slow Pain, Fingazz, Richee (Ghetto Inc.)
Album:  Str8 Out Da Bay
Song:   Rag Top Down
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[Slow Pain] Slow Pain
Lowridin' in Japan
[Fingazz]   Lowridin'
[Slow Pain] From Yokohama to Tokyo
Fugokku to Nagoiya
[Fingazz]   We cruisin'
[Slow Pain] And all around
[Fingazz]   Love to make my
Rag drop down

[Verse 1: Slow Pain]
I'm from the O-Town baby, lowridin' in Japan
With my G homie, Fingazz, he the number one man
Sunny blue skies got me feeling at home
But I'm ten hours away
In a Cadillac bone
Bumpin' oldies with the homies
O.G. L bring
And stayin' together with the sick gangsta lean
See some freaks in Nagoiya, hot mamas in Yokohama
Brown love like the Bahamas
I love to cruise around town, hit a switch up and down
I'm a Raider for life
Like the homie 10 Round
PMX, keep it crackin', make the beats sound good
See the homie Big Ron
In a Cadi' fleetwood
Ballers Nation clothes got me feeling all fresh
Brown Pride tattoed on my chest
On the toll road, pimpin'
Tokyo bound
Lowridin' all day to that old school sound

[Fingazz] Love to drop my rag drop down
[Big Ron] Drop down
[Fingazz] When I cruise around
Our town
Love to drop it
All the way down
[Big Ron] Way down
[Fingazz] Hit the switch and cruise

[Verse 2: Richee]
What up, homies
You'll find me cruising down the block
In my Chevy Impala, music bumpin' non-stop
Doing what I gotta do, hustlin', make a lot of loot
While I'm checking out the ladies in the pink boots
Yo, coast to Yokohama and back to the Bay
Have a barbeque here
On a hot summer day
Chillin' with my homies, sippin' on some O.D.
Smokin' on a blunt, gettin' high like always
Ha ha, my crew and I like to have some fun
Fixing up the lo-lo riley with the rag top down
Saying "Ichi, ni, za" and just hoppin' around
Westside connected from Cali to Japan
It's Richee, from the Ghetto I-N-C
Spittin' rhymes out with Slow Pain the O.G.
That's how we bring it to you, makes you put ya hands high
Now let's scratch the booth for another tom pie

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3: Big Ron]
Sound off, from the Bay, where we stay
It's Big Ron, coming from around your way
In my 6-4 Caddi, checking out the ladies
Girl, it's Ghetto Luv, baby
And we foolin' around
Under the sun
Sippin' hypnotic, havin' some fun
Hearing PMX's beats in the street
Oooh, it's Yokohama cruisin'
Cause we cruise in my town
Going around
Hit switches, up and up and
You know we chilling with my homies (Homies)
With the sexy ladies (Sexy ladies)
And PMX is bebopin'
On and on

[Repeat Chorus]

Love to make my rag drop down
When I cruise around my town
Oooh, yeah
Love to make my rag drop down
To make my rag drop down
Oooh, yeah
Bay Area
Bay Area
Bay Area
Oooh, baby