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Artist: Big Noyd f/ Prodigy
Album:  The Best of Big Noyd
Song:   The Grimey Way
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[Big Noyd]
One time...
...One time...
...Aight Yo thun this is it right here...
Right? ay this is right here, time..
That mean one time..
Ay know how it go....ay yo, ay yo, ay yo

[Big Noyd]
I produce threats, techs
The underworld sweat when I rep for my set
I pull techs and then wet
Ice jet froze on my neck
Explode with my two-G with (?) out of respect
M-o double b top shit, the logic
Y'all niggaz know y'all can't fuck with
From passed incidents, shoot outs and fish battles
Scuffle through state lines, you can't stop mine
It's a crime to the dumb, deaf, and blind
Way before your time, outta line niggaz walk straight when I approach mine
I - rep mine, infamous bloodline
Niggaz get your guns its thug time
came from no frills to skips
Nice to gat clips, a cold cold world to this icy hot shit
Scars, Bars, tapping niggaz' shit
I'm cuttin' em' buckin' 'em and fuckin' they' bitch
They like "who that nigga?" a smooth cat nigga
Walk around with two gats too, nigga
Staright like that, nigga, smack that nigga
If I don't know him then blast that nigga

[Chorus 2X: Prodigy]
A yo....
The only way to live is the grimey way
The only way to get ahead is the gun way
We don't play
I can't let em' stop or shock me
They tried, I pulled out and popped 3 ....(echoes)

[Noyd talking in mid-Chorus]
This one right here thun..
Ay yo, Ayo

[Big Noyd]
This goin' out to my dearest, realest
Coldest, most closest holdin' me down
Chrome, double digit cali-Bow!
Never apart wit' it
Cock and spark wit' it
Get down on my knees and cross my heart wit' it
'Cuz it's real, when I use it to protect my life
Shit was real when he shot a nigga over his wife
To beat the breaks, guns, drugs
Waste clown tried to get me pound
I threw it down in his face
I get down in any town
Get down in any ghetto, anytime spittin' rounds
'The fuck can niggaz think yo
For the dough we can spit, My style flow sick
Wit' 16 bars I'm gettin' you gone qiuck
You don't want none of this, shit
I'm hot as a bitch
Check this shit I got em' shook now they' riding my dick
Don't forget I rock for those lovin' it, those thuggin' it
Hoes in they' clothes and the less unfortunate


[Big Noyd]
Ayo Ayo
Ayo y'all niggaz can't stop me, watch me then
Catch me flyin' in my benz lovin' it
The Tre double 0 thuggin it, I was born to floss shit
But never could afford it
But now I got ones and guns to re-insure it
Reach for whats mine, pull out fuckin nine towards
the goal to the riches
What? I'm on it, all I need was the ones and my guns
The motherfuckin' beats
I makin' choruses where my name be
Noyd and finessed it
Oh, you obselete, why? I got demons
Thats what that D be
Check me when you see me in the streets
Believe I got toast, cause we close like uno dos (1, 2)
(?) and of course of QB nigga rep
See you ain't hear me yet, QB nigga
Fuck being affiliate with, I'm official
?Down thun? this is on my chest
Be damned if I don't rep the hood to the death

[Chorus] - 2X