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Artist: Big L
Album:  Times Is Hard on the Boulevard 12"
Song:   Times Is Hard on the Boulevard
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[Big L]
I used to be a rich nigga, selling much crack
To make a long story short, I fell off like a hub cap
My operation got shut off
I cant slide a slut off
I gotta beat my dick to get a nut off
Cause when a convo is struck up
Bitches act stuck up, my luck sucks, everything is fucked up
To get cash I gotta beg
Cause every time I reach in my pocket all I feel is my dead leg
Its about time that I feel cash, gotta get it right now, gotta get it real fast
Cause all I got left is 2 mack tens, a army jacket, a ski mask, a hoodie, and some black Tims
I'm about to get extra ill, so I went to crib, got booted up and got dressed to kill
The first place that I hit was the corner store
I pulled out and told everybody to get on the floor
I took the cash and I jetted
One kid tried to set it, I bet he regret it cause because he got wetted
Robberies I did well, when you look in the dictionary under villain you'll see a photo of Big L
Fuck a job, punks is gettin robbed is scarred
Cause times is hard on the boulevard

[Big L]
Yo I was robbing people on a regular basis in many different places and all types of races
I robbed gangstas, I robbed ducks, I didn't care who I stuck as long as I got a buck what the fuck
When niggas see me they take flight
I'll even rob Jehovah if I catch him right on a late night
Keep a vest G don't try to test me
A red neck police chief tried to arrest me
Ayo that wasn't a smart cop
Because I put 2 in his chest and his mother fucking heart stopped
Its a must I commit crimes
Cause I gotta get mine, its hard times, and all I see are dollar signs
Why should I work for another sucker
When I can do robberies and make G's like a mother fucker
Fuck a job, punks is getting robbed is scarred
Cause times is hard on the boulevard