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Artist: Big L f/ Guru, Sadat X
Album:  The Big Picture
Song:   Games
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Sadat X]
Yeah yeah, watch us turn it up for y'all
Tight broads watchin
The Guru, the great 'Dat X, and Big L
Flamboyant for life

[Big L]
Check it, a year ago I did a show for some dough
Puffed a bag of hydro then broke out on the low
And on my way out, it was a female on my trail
who followed me from the stage to the Benz SL
I asked honey her name, she replied, "Monique"
Soft and sweet, from her head to feet, hotter than heat
Jump in the passenger seat, let's go get somethin to eat
She said I was that Roc-a-Fella she'd been dyin to meet
I tried to hit it first night, she said she wasn't a freak
Yeah right - it's all good, so I waited a week
Then one night to my crib she decided to creep
Knocked on a nigga door and woke me outta my sleep
I let her in before you know it we was doin our thang
I drove her home, and said tomorrow give me a ring
It was about a month later when she gave me a call
with some bogus ass story that was off the wall
Claimin she's pregnant with my child, I think that's quite foul
How is that?  I wore a Lifestyle

Chorus: Big L - [repeat 2X]

Aiyyo fellas, you gotta be careful today
Watch out for games that these females play
Cause some break the rules and some don't play fair
You might get caught out there if you're not aware

[Sadat X]
I'm in the breed of the bad guy
Get caught in a mad lie, come in your crib mad high
Think about me with the smile on your face
Think about me with my hand on your waist
and think about me with your hair in your face
Even caught a case fuckin witchu
Had said some ol' slick shit, that had forced me to hit you
Had you set up livin swell, how you gon' fuck my man L
like we don't cross paths in these New York streets?
But that's good, cause he's my man and we both shine
and to say we don't love these hoes is a old line
Honey just save some space in it so you can hold mine
Her whole spine be twisted;
things she did and how she kissed it
I kinda missed it, think back on how we dissed it
Now we two-fisted, she ain't never resisted
Left it red and blistered, shakin
I could slam it if it wasn't NO money makin

Chorus: Sadat X (same as Big L) - [repeat 2X]

Word up - games, these girls nowadays they play many
Techniques for gettin your loot, they got plenty
Suck the skin off your dick, just for some ice and shit
In the beginning they're polite, actin all nice and shit
But honey got plans to be pushin your Land
When she got you - she goes and fucks your man
Understand?  You gotta lay down the law
A lot of broads is fraud, they'll set you up Baby Pah
Some'll try to get you stuck up, some'll fake pregnancy
Most are after the dough, and the fame basically
Yo you can't make a hoe a housewife kid
Pick the wrong chick - could be a lifetime bid
A lot of cats be beefin over these honies
Not me I keep it movin they ain't getitn jack from me
Mack these freaks for your own enjoyment
And one love to L we gon' stay Flamboyant

Chorus: Guru (same as Sadat X) - [repeat 2X]

Heh, word up
Yo son you better watch these little fast-ass
little fancy-pants bitches with the thongs
Heh, that's my word
Yo, rest in peace to my man Big L, uhh
Peace to the God Sadat X
Guru, GangStarr, uhh
Hold it down