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Artist: Big K.R.I.T.
Album:  Return of 4Eva
Song:   Rise and Shine
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[Intro: Big K.R.I.T.]
Rise and shine..
Uh, you gotta git up, git out, and git somethin...
[Big K.R.I.T]
Uh, early morning, kinda sleepy, still yawnin
Log on in, dial tonin, forever phonin 
for a blessing, will you help me -
get my ass up out the bed and go?
God love me 'cause He said it so
Don't look away cause I beg for mo', than I ever ever had
Prayin for the future but I'm dealin with the past
Momma say I worry 'cause I'm too much like my dad
Somethangs are forever, nothin ever last
like the rising of the sun knowin big mama passed
Time travel fast, search and you shall find
Awake from yo' slumber, open up yo blinds
{Rise and shine~!}
("The latest I can be was on time")
You gotta git up, git out, and git somethin
Why rest when all the world runnin?
{Rise and shine~!}
("If life is a dream, why sleep at all?")
Nothing ever come to those that just wait
Don't ever lose sight of yo' goal, just keep straight
[Big K.R.I.T.] 
The early bird gets the worm, you live and you learn
(I've been waitin on my chance) Well, you gotta wait yo' turn
To whom it may concern, ain't much time left
Gotta fight to the death of my family
MJ baseline, they can't handle me
Slam dunk, hang time like a canopy (yea)
Tired of sittin on the couch
(Watchin celebs pout about the troubles of a million dollar house)
So tell em I'm out, on my grizzly
Put'cha lighters in the air if you feel me
I ain't lyin, it's the time
to wake up, wipe ya eyes
Rise and shine...
Uh, yo, yo
Free yo' mind... (Free yo' mind)
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo