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Artist: Big K.R.I.T. f/ UGK
Album:  4eva Is a Mighty Long Time
Song:   Ride Wit Me
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[Bun B]
R.I.P. to Pimp C, he was the king of the South
If you hatin on that, you need to shut ya fuckin mouth
I'm down with Lil J 'til the muthafuckin grave
Disrespect, they gon' put your picture on the front page {Cory Mo}
I'm center stage shinin in a foreign you ain't seen yet
Chrome look like water and my candy paint is lean wet
Don't forget the rims, them motherfucker's a clean set
You can't tell me that this ain't cost ya boy a mean check
Lookin like a G in here, been here I'm gon' be in here
When it's over, I'ma be the only one you see in here
Reppin P.A.T. in here, realer than these other guys
I'm triple O.G. bitch, don't let 'em tell you otherwise

[Chorus: Pimp C]
Young nigga out here on the rise
Young bitch, you really need to ride wit me (me, me, me...)
Smoke somethin, hol' up, hol' up
Young nigga out here on the grind
Young bitch, you need to get live wit me
Smoke somethin, hol' up, bitch

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Put Multi on the mountaintop
Drop the label just to raise the stock
You ain't seen a trunk until it pop
Full of 15s that'll make it knock
With them neon lights that say,
"Get in line or get down, ho!"
If you wasn't 'bout the play or money to be made
What the fuck you come around for?
This is big bi'ness (big bi'ness), talking skyscrapers
Screens rise like smoke vapors
Candy paint's when it's Now and Laters
Bitch, I'm on the up like an elevator if you didn't know
Shine the grill just to let it show
On them emotional muthafuckas in the game
Tuckin they nuts while I'm lettin mine hang
Chromed out the rim, lettin 'em swang
Went from have-not to havin some dames
Diamonds out the window, grippin the grain
One finger'll put the sun to the rain
UHH~! Y'all niggaz thought I wasn't gon' be a king like I'm s'posed
But I learned from UGK, Multi, +4eva N a Day+ on these hoes


[Big K.R.I.T]
This for all the underground, we on the surface
South been holdin, 'mote controllin, got the game and it ain't for purchase
Ain't no hurtin when you win, up the cut like in it
Touchin down on it, clown on it, cheerlead if you wit it, ho~!
Old school on its tippy toes, chop the blades and shave the doors
Fade the top, then let it show, how it taste? I GOT to know!
Ice the grill, cold enough to freeze the snow
Bruce Leroy +Sho'nuff+ that bumpin dragon, bitch I got the glow
Got the cake, smash it in yo' face, I got more to make
I'm on the chase for a bread truck to put off in my safe
And let it bake, stingy with the flakes, all the crumbs get ate
Off the plate, sop it up with the lobster, shrimp, and steak - Krizzle