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Artist: Big K.R.I.T. (Justin Scott) f/ Bilal, Burniss Earl Travis II,
        Robert Glasper, Kenneth Whalum
Album:  4eva Is a Mighty Long Time
Song:   The Light
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[Intro: Bilal]
Oh, oh, I'm comin home
The the night is young
Oh, shine your light

[Justin Scott]
For, me, when I'm out in the streets
Ends justify means when you makin a meet
When you losin the sleep, that you sayin you need
But what good is rest, when it's family to feed
When it's money to get, when it's dollars to count
Fuck a job, you never raised for larger amounts
Keep the lights on, front door locked
Cause the villains in the wilderness, lotta George Zimmermans
Damned with some innocence
So that mean he still out on the prowl for a black child
While the judge and jury crack smile, Lord...
Keep the lights... burnin

[Chorus: Bilal]
Oh, I'm comin home
I'm comin home
The road is long
The night is young
The night is young
Somewhere in America
Say, say your prayers, shine your light
For me

[Justin Scott]
For, me, when I'm out on the creep
Do whatever to get a meal when you barely can eat
I'm determined to fight the power to further the peace
Momma scared the police might make a point out of me
It's gets hard to sleep, livin life in a daze
When kings wanna be niggaz, I hope it's phase
Queens down to be hoes as long as they paid
Chained to our oppressor, I'm knowin we slaves
Who wants to be saved, when they claim that the prayers
that we pray go unheard in these God-forgotten days
Just in case, keep the lights... burnin


[Justin Scott]
For, me, when I barely can smile
And the sun refuse to shine when I'm out in the wild
And the raindrops tap the window pane on my room
Scared I lost faith, pray I find God soon
In a world full of alt-rights, I was left field
Black man born poor, I was black steel
Black man born free, this how blessed feel
Because my dreams are dreams, don't make them less real
Nightmares are still the same thing
I've fallen from grace, wishin I had wings
Like a dunk in the summer but I ain't had spring
Cause all that runnin from trouble'll give you bad knees
Now how can I make a move without a play?
I got freedom of speech but with nothin to say
Cause all that workin for somethin, but they barely can pay
What the glimmer of heaven givin me every day
So I wade in the water
Filled with the sharks, snakes, gators and piranhas
To the higher, higher ground of the mountaintop
Away from the shooters that's down for shootin to take a shot
Cause they believe in everything they ever heard
From the bigots and racists that twistin every word
So, a hotel balcony could be the end
Or a podium speakin to family and friends
So won't you keep that light, light, light
Keep that light, light, light, light burnin for me
So won't you keep that light, light, light
Keep that light, light, light, light burnin for me