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Artist: Big K.R.I.T. (Justin Scott)
Album:  4eva Is a Mighty Long Time
Song:   Everlasting
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If this chemistry we got is everlasting...

...Excuse me shawty, I saw you passin
How 'bout we get stuck together like we off in traffic?
Even if you ratchet or you plastic or you classy
I'm askin if the chemistry we got is everlasting
(If the chemistry we got is everlasting)
If this chemistry we got is everlasting
(If this chemistry we got is everlasting - I'm just askin)

[Justin Scott]
(Excuse me, shawty)
I know this sound like one of those love songs
Perhaps it's on time since all the love's gone
And we trap it out, trap it out, but you don't like hip-hop
Cause you don't know what they rap about nowadays, I don't know either
But I ain't like most people
I'ma hit you with that "How you doin?," "What you vibin to?," and "Can I vibe with you?"
And if the world was filled with flowers surrounded by waterfalls
and mountains despite the fact I just mentioned, can I lie with you?
Shit, we outside the club though
And I'm KNOWIN what I'm sayin make you wonder what I'm at the club fo'
To tell the truth, I barely go out
I know your homegirl, she kick it with my patna, I tagged along with 'em
And they knew a friend that had a friend that I should meet
She don't like clubs, but she fall through sometimes just to see
So I'm guessin that you her, it's just you and me
Let's skip out on this waterhole and find a place to be - in peace


[Justin Scott]
Ay, excuse me, shawty, if you don't mind me
pointin out the fact you're just my type
I mean my type like when God broke the mold and designed you from head to toe
He knew I'd fall in love with ya at first sight
I know that ain't no gangsta gangsta shit but I figured you hear
"I'm a hood nigga," "Fuck with me," "Damn you bad shawty" all the time
Don't get me wrong, that was me as a teenager
But I'm grown now and I think you deserve a better line
But not "line" like spit game, more like spiritual flames
To ignite the natural high that we all got
I know your homegirl told you don't FUCK with us country boys
'Cause we playas, but we all not
Now I admit I ain't perfect but who is nowadays?
A man can break your heart all sorts of kinda ways
But if you take my number down and hit me when you home
I can promise you I ain't shit like Tyrone
Excuse me, shawty...

[Chorus w/ "How y'all feel?" in the background repeated]