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Artist: Big K.R.I.T.
Album:  Live from the Underground
Song:   My Sub (Pt. 2: The Jackin')
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I still got my sub hoe (hoe) *6X*
I still let my trunk knock till the tape pop
My rims chop-chop while my bass knock
(Nigga what?) I done cut up my bang, and I shook up the stars (nigga what?) *4X*

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Young Krizzle, I'm back again, old school when I'm backing out
Country boy still rep that, rep that, hit the bass and I'm acting out
on the ave with a bad bitch stacking clout, show a pimp what that ass about
In the parking lot deep while the whole world sleep, pouring out Hennessy till I'm passing out
Gotta keep my eyes open, plus I heard that five scoping
for the car with the big ass sub and the top chopped off, so I drive slowly
Swang and bang in the backwood like a 'Lac should with the lights bright, windows tinted
Stopped at the gas station for a bag of chips, a fountain drink and some peppermints
just to freshen up, shawty say she down to fuck
But we gotta make a move cause it's after two and her man just the type to buck and she frightened of him
But I ain't though, now she wonder what she came fo'
But I ain't tripping no place, I ain't even gon' flip over another nigga' bitch, move onto the next one


[Big K.R.I.T.]
I still got my sub hoe, jamming on that drug flow
King Kong in my trunk, in a fight with my thump, better let my sub go
Shawty in the front seat proceed to get high as fuck, she ain't worried bout her man no mo'
Hell, he don't know how to treat his hoe, that nigga never ever slammed no do's
I thought I saw some light, but I'm tripping, I gotta bust this right 'fore I miss it
I hit the Super 8 because it's super late and she know the way and I dig it
All in my ear, have no fear, say she wanna fuck with me, well
I told her that's all good while she grip my wood, but a pimp don't fuck for free (boy, stop)
She laughed and answered her phone, I swear it's three in the morn'
Like who could that be? She looked at me like, he won't leave me alone
Well that's a damn shame, he don't know my name and I don't got no ties wit' yo folk
Let's just get this room and do what we do, and be up out this thang around fo'


[Big K.R.I.T.]
I still got my sub hoe

[Interlude: Big K.R.I.T.] + (female) + {jacker}
Yo, aye shawty, just uh, lock my do' when you get out
(Alright baby, I got you)
Aye Wally, what's good boy? "Aye, what's good boy?"
(You always on this phone)
Well I'm at this Super 8 right across the street from where you live at boy
"What it is mayne"
Yeah mayne, this shit bout to go down, shawty bad as fuck
"Aye man, just be careful out there mayne"
Yeah I'ma play it safe man, don't worry bout it mayne, for real, I got you, yeah
Aye, aye, hold on
{Boom motherfucker!}
(I thought y'all say y'all wasn't gon' hurt him)
{Bitch, shut the fuck up
 Open the trunk, let's get this motherfucker's sub...
 I ain't tripping on none of that shit man, fuck that bitch too}

[Big K.R.I.T. - singing]
Last night my DJ saved my life *4X*
My life, my life