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Artist: Big K.R.I.T. 
Album:  King Remembered In Time
Song:   Serve This Royalty
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[Intro: sample from movie "Wattstax"]
Ah, the way the brother walks is beautiful
The way he talks is beautiful
Uh, the brother is beautiful
The way he makes love to me is beautiful
You know, that's my man!

[Chorus: sample from Cody ChesnuTT's "Serve This Royalty"]
Platinum chains and rings is, all a brother knows now
Girl, you one of the first to know that, gold is back in town
So you gotta serve this royalty
Believing in me and my dreams is serving this royalty right
Trust what I say and what I see and we can get it

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Yeah, money, cars and clothes, and all the cribs
Never trust these lames and hoes cause they ain't shit
Cause they’ll just sink our dreams of things and jump ship
So we'll fly first class, full glass with blunts lit 
Float on, I shake the world if you hold on
Getcha body holl'n, just to turn yo' soul on
Your black is gold so when it dark, get yo' glow on
My words are heavy like a Chevy, shall I roll on?
Our +Love's+ +Unlimited+, vinyl record 
in the grooves of forever, bass and treble finish it
Puff cut your affections like a painting God ain't finished with
It had to be displayed so all that's awed could say they witnessed it
I walk the talk so I cain't run game
I'm the type of king that a need a queen that's down to work and run thangs
I'm a lion baby untamed
Before I devote my all I need to know, one thang
Can you serve this royalty?


[Big K.R.I.T.]
Whatever your heart desires
And to those that oppose our dreams and goals, I set the world on fire
Go to war with giants of all kinds
So when you sleep without your king beside you, you sleep fine
I be you knight in shining armor, swang down 
with a hammer like Thor for those that want drama
Travel high and low for those expensive garments, that I
peel off your frame after I fight in your honor
Cause we can rule as far as the eye can see
If you down for the cause as long as your body breathe
Bet the heir that will proceed as kings that's after me
But be colder than doors we close, you'll have to be
There'll be tyrants that want nothing more than apathy
To defile on the kingdom of real and happiness
But history will whisper of our reign
Before I give my all, I need to know one thang
Can you serve this royalty?


[Bridge: Cody ChesnuTT]
The dream is real if you serve this royalty
Leave your mama's house, make her proud
Serve this royalty right..
From the valleys of Spain to the snowy banks of Maine
We can run this game
If you serve this royalty right
(That's royalty)

[Outro: sample from movie "Wattstax"]
That's cause she's behind me 100%, man
She BELIEVES in everything I believe in
And whatever I do, she go 'long- right along with me 
and do it at the same time, you know?
With no doubt in her mind because she know that I'm positive 
and she knows that I'm out to get over 
and she knows that I'm gon' try and get a piece of this country