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Artist: Big K.R.I.T.
Album:  4evaNaDay
Song:   Wake Up
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"Wake up" *4X*

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Thank God for the day, thank God for the morning
Won't take this here for granted, no, Good Lord I gots to get on it
With every breath I take or move I make, I gots to keep wanting
a better life for me, and all of mine, no time for that yawning
In the bed waiting, procrastinating, I gots to be hungry
Too old for games that don't mean a thing, can't play with my homies
Just know I'm paying dues if I don't pick up for you whenever you phone me
cause being broke ain't fun, and that pity party I threw is starting to get boring
Good morning

I know today gonna be the best day
of my life ("wake up"), my life ("wake up")
I know today gonna be the best day
of my life ("wake up, wake up")
Gotta keep my head out the clouds and my feet on the ground

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Yo, gotta be realistic, stop talking and listen
cause at the blink of an eye your life will pass you by, Good Lord you missed it
Now, you're wishing that you went slow, took advantage of that two-fo'
Yeah you gave your all to get your back from off the wall, but you can give more
Stand tall against the grain, be yourself, don't do the same
as the next man cause all paths are different, so don't jump the train
Hell, we can't complain, for this borrowed time
So don't misuse yours, cause you can't borrow mine
Good morning


[Outro: phone conversation]
"Yo, what's up Pop?"
"Yo, what's up J.? Go catch a great day starting
 Uh, just we're so proud of ya and uh
 I know it was just like yesterday, thinking bout your grandmother
 But I know she proud of ya too"
"Man, no doubt, man I appreciate it Pop
 Man, I finna go and get about it man, I...
 You know what I'm saying? I'ma hit you up a little though boy"
"OK man"