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Artist: Big K.R.I.T.
Album:  4evaNaDay
Song:   Handwriting
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[Big K.R.I.T.]
"Handwriting's on the wall..."
Yeah, it's on the wall
I'ma keep drinking till they toss me out this motherfucker man

Excuse my tone of voice but today was just a bad day
Label hit me about another single and said I ain't had play
since Country Shit, hell they thought that was a regional record anyway
But thank God for Bun B and Ludacris because they had faith
that shit would take off and it did, guess I was too country to quit
I make albums, not hits, these rich folk don't know about this
But that's cool, I'm back to that K.R.I.T. Wuz Here
Pray to God this was meant for me, a King to be, hoping my time was near
Maybe I'm rapping in vain, maybe this wasn't my lane
Maybe I'm hurting myself talking bout real life instead of the fame
But how can I change? Shawty, I swear I think I'm wasting time
On the phone with pops like, I just wanna save some lives
I just wanna do some right with the ones I was dealt
My pride might be my downfall, but I ain't asking for help
I wear my heart on my sleeve, don't run into me cause it bleeds
No disrespect to your craft, but I make my own beats
Shit, the handwriting...

"The handwriting's on the wall..."
Man, the Hennessy do something to a nigga man, sometimes that shit...
I just can't hold back, you feel me?

First quarter got me like boiling water with soda in it
Drop my project in the pot, watch it lock up like those in prison
Gotta prove these wrong that don't see the vision
Three nominations, number one on 106, hell, I forgot to mention
Two free albums minus label support
Fired my publicist cause I forgot what I was paying him for
Drink till I'm barely conscious, call Jonny, tell him put Sha on three-way immediately
cause I'm sick of being lied to and I'm waging war
Then I'm going back to 'Sippi land and I'm quitting rapping
Ain't that bad cause when I was po', hell, I was fairly happy
Dealing with the critics and the comments got me tripping
like my accent and my tone make it really hard to listen
I was scarred, but I was driven before the politics came
Lynching rapper and dropping albums, watching 'em hang
I pushed mine back with fear that they might just do me the same
Cause I rebel I might get shelved, but that's part of the game
Hell, the handwriting...

"The handwriting's on the wall..."
Goddamn right, it's on the wall
I take this shit serious you know, man this is my life
It's all I've ever known, it's all I'll ever do
and I promise to God I won't let nobody take it from me

I did it for all of mine and all of yours
Ten toes deep in the game I'm in, I'm bound to lose if I'm living in sin
If I play to win, will I make it out?
I'm tired of feeling my heart Lord, I just wanna scrape it out
This the road less traveled, shit, I just gotta stay the route
I hear the hate and all the betrayal, I just gotta phase it out
with another shot, better chase it down with a glass of Crown
Put that on my tab, yeah I'm doing bad
cause music's all I've ever known, shit, all I've ever had
Tryna say something, tryna do something, tryna be better
Ain't much time left, I gotta make do, I can't live forever
And that what makes me me, no smoke and no mirrors
And I don't even wear Locs, so they can see me clear
And you can say that I'm bitter, but tell me if I'm tripping
They stick they noses up and talk down on Mississippi
Imagine how you'd feel to know you work hard, and you educated
and they treat you like you never made it
The handwriting...

"The handwriting's on the wall
 Final curtain's about to fall
 Just ain't no feeling left at all
 The handwriting, the handwriting's on the wall"