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Artist: Big K.R.I.T.
Album:  4evaNaDay
Song:   The Alarm
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[Big K.R.I.T.]
"Do you believe" yeah, they could call you the greatest?
So you pay your bills, but you barely made it?
"Do you believe" that it's all on your shoulders?
And everything would seem clear if you stay sober?
"Do you believe" that your heart is really in it
when you know most of these folks ain't impressed with your vision?
"Do you believe" that this pep talk
will keep you in top form when so many fell off?
"Do you believe" that the world feels your pain?
It's kill or be killed, can you keep what you claim?
"Do you believe" that you really can sustain
this lifestyle, SkyMiles, balling in the chains?
"Do you believe" that these niggas really fuck with you?
When you hit rock bottom, look how many stuck with you
"Do you believe" that the Devil's all around?
If he knocking at your door, have strength to turn him down
"Do you believe" they can barely hear the real shit?
In a world of fantasies, can you be a realist?
"Do you believe" that the government concealing
their true intentions? Apprehending those that won't be pillaged?
"Do you believe" that doing right will make you richer?
And just because you paid, these white folks still won't call you nigger?
"Do you believe" that you can sacrifice it all
when the ball's in your court and your time has been called?
"Do you believe" that God will forgive you
for those times that you didn't let him steer you?
"Do you believe" for those times that you up and lost faith
cause you swore he couldn't hear you and nothing ever changed?
"Do you believe" that screaming out his name
when you lost your best friend is what really helped the pain?
"Do you believe" that you never loved fame
and you wouldn't miss a dime if you lost it all today?

WAKE UP~! *5X*