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Artist: Big Kap + Funkmaster Flex f/ Jinx Da Juvy, Lady Luck
Album:  The Tunnel
Song:   Bounce
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(Sample of Jigga's "bounce" and "bitch" in background)
Big Kap
Drop a bomb on y'all

[Lady Luck]
You can catch Luck in the dice game
Tearin the block up
I don't stop bank I close account stock up
Spend the whole advance and both hands get it rocked up
Street lookin like a track meet when I pop up
How these broads gonna stop Luck
Without glocks up
Run in the club barefooted throwin five shots up
Niggas wanna bounce , tell em bounce , throw your ox up
You just buck oh five and act like you want some

[Jinx Da Juvy]
Ay yo you can catch me in the hood with Papi
Tryin to cop grands
Screw a dirtbike I'm tryin na cop me a land
I'm a gorilla nigga feed me black banannas
Might catch me blacked down with a black bandanna
With the 5th choked out
In a Benz with the rims poked out
Or in a truck with Luck gettin smoked out
I'm tryin not to blast this cat
But y'all hatin on again so I'ma spaz on Funkmaster Flex

[Jigga's sample and Big Kap]
To all my thugs in the club poppin cris
To all my fly chicks with they own shit
To all my thugs throwin guns on the six
Bounce , bitch , bounce , bitch , bounce , bitch , bounce , bounce
To all my ladies in the club wildin out
To all my thugs in the pen bowin out
To all my fly chicks stay stylin out

[Jinx Da Juvy]
Ay yo ay yo ay yo
Y'all done let the kid in the game who black out
Y'all done assed out
I'm runnin in the game snatching change on the cash though
Anybody could get it
I dare y'all to act up
I guarntee homicide'll be comin to drag out
Dummies I'm dumpin dum dums on when I clap out
Alotta niggas rap thug but never pull gats out
Shit I'm from the street lay the strip with the jacks out
Who want the coke price whenever I ran up in the crackhouse

[Lady Luck]
I got niggas on my dick and I aint even got one
Flow kind of sick you gotta get cop one
Niggas talk slick only when the cops come
That's when I come through and scrape yo' ass
Uh uh I need ta uh uh milli uh uh's
Extra fu-unds , whole damn crew got gu-uns
How you gon talk crap with clap ru-uns
Claim to be a thug nigga wont't you blast su-um