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Artist: Big Boi
Song:   Pepsi MAX NFL Audible - Packers vs. Eagles
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Big Boi]
Yo whassup this Big Boi
and you're watchin the Pepsi Max NFL Audible

The season's on the line so lace up yo' cleats
and embrace your hatred or defeat
Cause today is a green day, it's all about Philly and Green Bay
One of which will be sick when they home watchin the replay
Will it be Clay and A & Rrrah movin on
or will it be LeSean, Mike Vick, and DeSean?
Quite sick, with the arm, on both sides of the mix
But on this day only team will survive pick 6
Who wants some?

"This is our time!"  "Count it on three, 1-2-3!"

They got they hands full with Michael Vick gettin the nod
See they gave 7 the job when they smashed Kevin Kolb
If you want a double D at least don't kick it to D-Rex
to re-enact on what he did and now yo' season is a wrap
Ask the Giants 'bout that~! I tip my hat off to the Packers
Still with all the injuries defense became deciding factor
From the rafters to the goal line, somebody fin' to go home now
But will it be the Eagles or the Packers? It's a showdown
Who wants some?

Pepsi Max, zero calories, maximum taste