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Artist: Big Boi f/ Joi, Sleepy Brown
Album:  Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty
Song:   Turns Me On
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[Big Boi]
Niggaz don't fuck with a nigga like me
Cause a nigga like me don't fuck around
Niggaz don't fuck with a nigga like me
Cause a nigga like me don't fuck around, around

{*Sleepy Brown and Joi scatting for 15 seconds*}

[Sleepy Brown + Joi]
I know you see that
No one's competin
Ooh and that turns me on {*scatting*}
Ooh, that turns me on {*scatting*}

[Big Boi]
What turns me on about ya? I doubt you have a clue
Sassy attitude and red bottom shoes got 'em mad at you
I do think you're fierce and that you killin them of course
with the features of an angel and the bottom of a horse
Thoroughbred, thorough head makes you moist
like the dark fudge brownie with the nut of your choice
Soakin wet are the feathers in the goose down
Who's loose now? You done let the juice ooze down
Do smile, when you do it's on some "Ooh child"
Kiss you in the mouth, Juicy Fruit make you cool down
The naked truth, now ain't it true now?
Devine nectar, respect her, it ain't shit for me to prove gal
You need some time press the snooze down
I don't mind cause I'm hard as all the iron in the tool house
Or tool shed, go and play it how you play it
When alarm sound off round two is up ahead, yeah

[Chorus: Sleepy Brown + Joi]
I know you see that (it ain't goin down without ya)
No one's competin (for what girl, I already got ya)
Ooh and that turns me on {*scatting*}
Ooh, that turns me on {*scatting*}

[Big Boi]
Who gives a damn about the past?
I live for today, plan for the future, pack a lunch and haul ass
Anyway it ain't no time for no picnics
This that business, the slickness that get yo' chick hit quick
I make her drip all her liquids
Then get butt booty naked when I spit on some pimp shit
Make her leg shake so she never loses interest
Callin out my name when I'm askin "Whose is this?"
Nah, it's not a game, ass fallin out the frame
With my Polaroid camera I have to take two flicks
She can't avoid all this stamina, we do this
with no steroids or other artificial juices
Therefore, she knows the undisputed truth
when I slip into the boudoir or slide into this booth
I'm kickin it with you ma like martial artists do
We can break boards and you can kick rocks or I'm through


[Joi + Sleepy Brown]
Sit yourself down on my big ol' bed
Turn ya body 'round here, let me give you some
Don't you wanna make a freaky memory with me?
So later on you can think about it then you'll be like DAMN
It turns me on...


[Big Boi]
From the back {*playing backwards*}
Now from the front
Then you got 'em
More than another
{*scatting*} Yeah...