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Artist: Big Boi f/ Bosko, Cutty, Debra Killings
Album:  Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty
Song:   Shutterbugg
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[Big Boi]
Uhh, I keep it playa while some choose to play it safe
Boy check the résume, it's risky business in the A (A)
And I've been witness to this history, ever since the 10th grade
We went from rockin braids to temp fades
I twist my A hat to the side just for style
Or throw on the Gucci bucket with the flowers super fly
Wow, the Southern pride been known to shut it down
It ain't so country though nigga, this ain't no Gomer Pyle
I'm Sergeant Slaughter, I keep my shit cooked to order in order
to satisfy my people in Georgia and cross the water
And, across the border the esse's are gettin smarter
They got flour for tortillas and lettuce for enchiladas
If you follow, wink wink, No Doubt we +Don't Speak+
In a blink them folks can have you sleepin in the clink
I'm shittin on niggaz and peein on the seat
It's the nigga, the B-I-G B-O-I, O-U-T

[Chorus: Big Boi] + (Cutty)
Now party people in the club it's time to cut a rug
And throw the deuce up in the sky just for the shutterbuggs
I'm double fisted and you empty you can grab a cup
Boy stop, I'm just playin, let me dap you up
(Baby baby - baby baby)
(You're in my system - you're in my system)
(Baby baby - baby baby)
(Tell me you're listenin - tell me you're listenin)

[Big Boi]
Boy, it's after 12, club like a hive B
A beehive cause now everybody buzzin around me
Could it be the way that the verse is sounding?
Came up on the Geto Boys and the Underground Kingz
Toys, I had a Brougham, called it Pretty Brown Thing
Paint look like root beer when the sun was shining
Known to keep a bad bitch, no niggaz beside me
Index finger on the trigger case niggaz is clowning
Not to flex but to +Protect My Neck+ like the Wu-Tang
Self-preservation is the rule when you do aim
Or get in somethin more sinister, you gotta be the finisher
Make it so the doctors they can't replenish him
Or bring him back to life.. 
.. back to reality
Gon' get him some hoes, leave it alone
Triple O.G. status, A-Town's very own


[Cutty] + (Debra Killings)
Now this goes out to all my playas in the back sippin 'gnac
Bendin round corners in the 'llac
Cut a rug, playa now cut a rug
Throw yo' deuces in the sky for the shutterbuggs
(And this goes out to all my ladies in the front) What you want?
You make me wanna breed, girl freeze
Cut a rug (lady now) cut a rug
(And throw yo' deuces in the sky for the shutterbuggs)


[Outro: Bosko] + (Cutty)
Tell me you're listenin cause you're all up in my system
I can feel ya from my head to my toes, to my toes
(You're in my system, my system)
Lucious Left Foot got his best foot forward, darling
Lord have mercy how them flows stay so cold, froze
(Tell me you're listenin, listenin)
... Cut a rug, cut a rug
(You're in my system, my system) Shutterbugg
... Cut a rug, cut a rug
(Tell me you're listenin)