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Artist: Big Boi f/ Adam Levine, Miss C.C. LaFlor, Scar, Sleepy Brown
Song:   Mic Jack
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[Big Boi]
Niggaz still ain't fuckin with Hollywood Court
Cause they fuckin with ya Boi like the Hollywood dough
Everything big, no comin up short
Jack the buzzer beater up, all net, half court
The game-winnin shot, your name's then and not
That same skinny thot you got, she be in and out
She never spit it out either, we call her Poke-mouth
Big mouth bass, I'll smash that ass
I, build a bear before I build a bitch
I'll take her to the mall and fill her with the sugar dick
With the same lips she give a nigga sugar with
Give me brain, so intelligent with plenty sense
I took her innocence, yeah she was turnt out
And by the time I gave her back she was burnt out
Like the tires on the Huracan, you ain't good as 'twan
Or better yet, stay great, we stay puttin on

[Chorus: Adam Levine] + (Scar) + {Miss C.C. LaFlor}
You're hotter than July (super hot)
Super colder than December {so cold}
You got, me dancin dancin
The dancefloor tells no lie (tells no lie)
Give them somethin to remember
You got, me dancin dancin

[Interlude: Sleepy Brown]
Please don't stop movin your feet
While the music's hot on that ecstacy
We can dance all night, 'til we both get weak
Come on, come on

[Big Boi]
Stayin fresh, that's the gameplan
Out the oven cause we never microwavin
We break it up like the smile on Michael Strahan
And keep shinin like the glove on Michael J hand
I do not play man, sure I'll eat your ass up quick
I'm on that boss rap shit, they on that toss salad
Old chick, I sees her nigga just follow and I delete her
I used to have a bench full of bitches but didn't need 'em
But still fill arenas and killin the coliseum
+ATLiens+ stay on top of ya human beings
From the mothership, I'm on some other shit
Low-key like the blow soul back in '86
But we don't sell dope, we pimp inkpens
To provoke the folks and keep 'em thinkin
What is you drinkin?
Or better yet, do you really know the meanin of life or are you sleepin?
Sleepin (sleepin) sleepin...
Sleepin (sleepin) sleepin (sleepin) sleepin...

[Chorus] - 2X

[Interlude: Sleepy Brown] + (Adam Levine)
Please don't stop movin your feet
Please don't stop (you got, me dancin dancin)
We can dance all night, 'til we both get weak, come on
Please don't stop (you got, me dancin dancin)

[Outro: Miss C.C. LaFlor]
We don't stop 'til the morning
We don't stop, keep it going
We gonna see it through
And the rest is up to you