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Artist: B.G. f/ Redman
Album:  Play it How it Go Collection
Song:   Play it How it Go (Intro)
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Yeah, ha ha, yo, I'm just smokin' on weed and shit
How the fuck y'all feelin' out there? Fuck you!
Play It How It Go Mixtape, Funk Doc in this motherfucker
It's about three degrees outside but I don't give a fuck

Smokin' with my nigga B.G. and T.C.
Til' a bitch come outta B.C. and be G
Come from Uptown, I'm knee deep in wee-wee
Be them hot niggaz but cool like your sea breeze
Gilla House fucker, you know the name dogg
I'll rob you with a gun filled with paintballs
From Brick City out to the 504
I'm lookin' for that purple in a hydro jar
Doctor, I'm bout it bout it
I'm really a gorilla in civilian outfit
Cops on my ass, I'll bail a coupe
Drop my gun like it's hot like Pharrell and Snoop

Brick City motherfucker
Yo, Brooklyn motherfucker
Yo, 504 motherfucker
Yo, ATL motherfucker
Yo, Californ' motherfucker
Yo, Texas motherfucker
Yo, V-A motherfucker
Yo, Baltimore motherfucker