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Artist: B.G
Album:  Life After Cash Money
Song:   Rolling in My Cadillac
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What's happening nigga
If you in a club right now
I want you to hold your car keys in one hand
I don't care which hand and hold your bottle up in the other hand
We rolling nigga, I'm rolling like this here, Come on

[Chorus x4]
Rollin in my cadillac
Rollin in my cadillac
Rollin in my cadillac
Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

[Verse 1]
When I pull up, I'm in something real wide
Five Hundred insealer, 745
Niggaz be booting up, Hoes they wanna ride
Only way if thats gonna happen is you jack me off while I drive
I'm G'd Up, A Soldier now, Thats gonna be til I die
Feety gonna hold me down with the tracks you feel and vibe
Yeah I used to get loaded, I got nothing to hide
But look at me now, I'm focused, you can tell I try
You can even tell the way I lean when I drive
It's a new day, new time, I got money on my mind
Best cup your hoe, I take it she fine
You know she fuck, cum one of a kind
I'm a gangsta, I keep it peed on my side
I'm a gangsta, If I see it and want it, I buy it
Cowards be ego-driven, Swallow their pride
Either way it go, I'm do me and get mine, I'ma roll


[Verse 2]
I got money now, I ain't hurt nigga
You want a verse, I get mad, not work with you
If you got street money, then the price different
You in the major league, you know you gonna taxed quickly
B Gizzle back nigga, the hood still love me
Go to the club, me and my dawgs still pop up late
Go the mall and these hoes still wanna touch me
Can't help it, I'm thuggin, its just the streets love me
It's too late for Baby to try to reach out and touch me
Judge had to make that bust up my fucking money
I was druggin hard, Nigga thought it was funny
Now I think its funny, I just say I did it, done it
Now I'm up and running, Geezy don't forget
Nothing fuckin with Chopper City, this is our year
Dawg we settin rules and we breaking grounds
If you real, then you know how we getting down, Better roll with me


[Verse 3]
When I was 17, I was considered a grown man
Single mom did that, shit ain't turn out bad
I was 15 in 95, with a '94 Grand AM
Shoulda seen when I got that 19 9 and hit the ave
I was sixteen by the time I was 18
Had a firebird, a lex and some bling bling
Doing my thing, living my dream by 19
Came through, Benz Jeep on dubs with TVs
Niggaz hated on me, Hail these nuts wished that I fall
I'm a hell of a hustler, its in my nature to ball
It's a trade I got to get money and stand tall
Niggaz who hated yesterday, make 'em hate more tomorrow
Fuck all y'all, I'ma do me, do you
You want beef, fake beef, fake I'ma be true
Every year I'm bustin heads, pullin out something new
Fucking the game up everytime I come through, better roll