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Artist: B.G.
Album:  Livin' Legend
Song:   R.I.P.
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Wassup man
Look, this for my people
You heard me my dog
Man I miss my dog
My dog know I miss him to
But I feel it man
I feel them all in my heart
I know you right here, right with me
Man just riding on with his niggas
You heard me, I miss a lot of people
They know I miss them to

[Verse One]
Nigga took care for my heart
When they killed my dog
Ruined every last dream that we had to ball
Me and this nigga was like brothers
Since we was small
I needed anything he was the first I'd call
He was down the road with me
If I got in beef
By fucking them hoes with me
He was H-O-T
Kept it real and representing
Via-13 got a little girl
I treat like it's for me
and a lot of hoes conversation
It's B.G and L.T.
Never had a friend like him
He never had a friend like me
Snorted half a grand of dope
On the flight together
Broke trying to make all night together
Now Lil' Ten gon' be a part
Of my life forever
Wish Lord wouldn't of took you to rest you
Look me and my dog broke bread together
Hot, fucking hoes in the same bed together

Of top, it's all gravy, you in six feet
Just remember I love you, so Rest In Peace
I still can't believe you left out here solo
I'm doing the damn thing for me and you both
Off top, it's all gravy, you in six fett
But remember I love you, so Rest In Peace
I still can't believe you left me out here solo
But I'm fucking hoes for me and you both

[Verse Two]
1997, November I had bad days in my life
It looked like that was the worst
Niggas shot my round like a dog
Left him for dead
Chest bust wide open
Non-stop he blead
Just the day before we talked about gettin sober
In the blink of an eye
My whodi life is over
I know there's a good reason
Why the good Lord chose you
I know when your at your real
Cause down here you was a soldier
Always said "Do it, it can't be faded"
Always said "Do it you gon' make it"
And I made It
I wish you were here to see
It's all gravy, I know you want me to let that be
Man I hate it
I know you don't want me to be weak
So when I sheine, you shine
It's off the T-O-P
You was the Livin' Legend in the UPT
Do me a favor you and my daddy look down on me


You should see I'm balling out of control
I just got a deal with Cotsh for six zeros
And I had to be heavenly baby and niggas was hoes
They wasn't playin the game
Hot Gold, it's over, it's cool
I'm a gangsta in the game I know the street rules
And I miss all my people that's resting in peace
And I miss all my people that's six feet deep
You heard me


Believe that
You know I'm holding it down ya heard me
Man I miss you with a passion dog
But I know where you at
You know what I'm sayin, that you holding down
And I know you got a place for me
And I know you done met my daddy ya heard me
And y'all done got the fahotion y'all know what I'm sayin
Ya'll just looking down and sayin
"Man that little nigga doing hid thing"
'Cause I am doing my thing
And kiss my grandma for me ya heard me
Man do that for me dog
Kiss both of them for me ya heard me
I'm sayin man I'll see you when I get there
And I got to say Rest In Peace to all my dogs uptown ya heard me
I mean I can't say all them names
Because if I forget some body
You know how that go
So it's a bunch of y'all man
And y'all know where my heart at man