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Artist: B.G.
Album:  Livin' Legend
Song:   Reality Check Part 2
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[B.G. talking]
What it be like nigga
Baby I see you nigga
Weezy I see you too nigga
Ya'll know what's up with me just like I know what's up wit ya'll
Ya'll been through me just like I've been through ya'll nigga
So you know I'm bout to check that ass
Gotta check that ass

I know you trying to feel where I've been
Laid back, ducked off, paper chasing
Ducking, dodging the pen
On the road trying to make it shake
Rap hustlin' from state to state
I got cheddar to make
Also got cash for days
Pies to push, blocks to move
Coke to sell 36 ounces for 22
And I still got the block in me
Glock with me, feds post up watching me
Me and my clique got a shop
Bust the game wide open
Once it was down man you know we had to hold it
All of the sudden niggaz head's start swelling
Money, fame, and power turn niggaz heads to melons
Mo money, mo feddy, mo niggaz got greedy
Knowing I'ma piece of the puzzle that's needed
How you gone not break bread with B. Geezy?
Break bread with B. Geezy
You don't want me to shine nigga
That's why ya'll niggaz is jive niggaz
Nothing but pretty-fine niggaz
Don't make me grab that iron nigga
Put it between ya eyes nigga
Bring you on that dark side nigga
Wayne you know you was mine nigga
Way before Baby or Rabbit
Nigga, B. Gizzle was yo' daddy
You know I'll do you something nasty
Leave your motherfuckin brains on the dash board of that G-Wagon
It's bout to get ugly
You pushed me to this point nigga
Now you bout to get burnt nigga
I'ma paint the real picture – bitch nigga
You know Geezy was the G'est in the clique nigga
Remember I used to come and getcha
You remember begging Miss Cita to let me baby sit ya
Dog your under me
Your whole life you studied me
Tryin to be one of me
You ain't ready Dwayne Carter
You let Baby put cables on you
You a fish in shark infested water
I feel sorry for your daughter
Look what she's got…to call a father
Whos gone get himself slaughtered
This ain't even much the beginning
Geezy ain't even got started
Now hold up…say Bubba
You going there with me?
You know I know what's up
From your office to house hold
You know I know whats up
From (?) and (?)
Now do you wanna be exposed?
You want me to spread the how low?
And tell the world how it really go?
You know I'm from Uptown nigga
You know I'm the reason all them head bustas around nigga
Cause you know you ain't down nigga
You ain't ready to act a ass and straight clown nigga
Look I'm the gangsta
I'm the number one hot boy
Don't make me spank ya
If I catch you slipping
In one of them whips in yours
I'm gone pop a clip in and start spitting
And anything that's in my target is getting hitting
Anything that's in my target is getting hitting
I'm too real nigga not to keep it real with me
It's too much to be made, trying to steal from me
All that shit bout
“Long as you straight, I'm straight”
All that talk
“As long as you got, I got”
That's dead weight, I need mine
You say I got it dog, I got to see mine
Man your kids eating good I got to feed mine
Look you say I'm a druggy and I got weak mind
It ain't your business if I spend it in a weeks time
That's my issue nigga, so let me get it
Won't you just cut that check and let me spend it
Nigga won't you just cut that check and let me spend it
You got yurn now why you holding mine?
I'm a grown man I don't need you controlling mine
You got yurn why you holding mine?
You's a bitch, I don't need you controlling mine
I help nigga make this bread, bigger that bread
I can't get a sandwich that's how you gone play me
Money will never come between a clique that's what you said
Money freaked you out and went straight to your head
You never thought the day come I'd be from under you Wayne
You never thought the day come I'd be doing my thang
Everything that goes up must come down
Everything that goes round gotta come back round
I'm telling you my nigga
It don't pay at all to be a dog, ya'll gone have ya'll day
But ya'lls gone come a little quicker
You gone get your issue fucking with this nigga

[B.G. talking]
How you love that there huh?
Straight reality check nigga
Straight from Gizzle to you bitch made niggaz
I can't believe you nigga
Baby you bitch nigga
Nigga I respected you, looked up to you nigga
Like a big brother nigga, like a father figure nigga
And you gone (?) on a nigga like that nigga
But I ain't trippin' ya heard me
Cause you know I'm a gangsta in the game nigga
I'ma get me nigga, I'ma be alright nigga
It's all gravy ya heard me
And Weezy bitch…you know I related you nigga
Come on now, don't play no games nigga
Nigga you's a hoe, just like that
Slim I see you nigga, it ain't you nigga
It's your brother with that old shit
Joe I see you nigga
Fresh I see you nigga, I ain't trippin' ya heard me
It's all good nigga, I still got that tattoo on my back
I'm still bout my Cash Money nigga believe that
Ya heard, I gotta wash my face every morning
To look at this bitch ass niggaz name on my arm
Man ain't that cold ya heard me
But you gotta do the same thing too nigga
Everytime you wash your face you gotta think of geezy nigga
Just that like that nigga, fuck it I'm out here