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Artist: B.G. f/ Hakim, Gar, Sniper, Wyndi
Album:  Livin' Legend
Song:   Let It Flow
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Uh-oh (uh-oh), uh-oh (uh-oh)
What's happ'n (what's up), ha look out
(look out) come on (come on) let's do this here
(let's do it baby) everybody throw your hands up
Come on, everybody catch the flo' (come on)
It's going down up in here (going down up in here)
Ok, Chopper City, hot girl Wyndi

This is the club scene, where them ballas at
Chicken sweating you threatin', mo' getting VIP we setting
We taking care of the whole section, with liquor
Marijuana smoke in the back, where Gar be at
Big trucks on 22's, loud sounds with screens
Who up in there, that got them chickens fixing they hair
And getting naked full of Cristal, that's the lifestyle
So I hit the club, with a pocket full of Lifestyles
Ooh shorty getting wild, now put your hands in the air
While you do that dance, and let me get behind you
While you in front of my man, in front of your man
Chill gun on my waist, with a blunt in my hand
We spending a grand on Bubbly, round for round
That's how the Chopper City mob, get down
Hydro in the bottle, with the yellow wrapper
And you playas better, hold your broads
Cause these boys, will snatch her

[Hook: Wyndi - 2x]
Party's gon be bumping
Playas gon be stomping
Get your ass on the dance floor
And let Moet, and Cristal flow

I know you know of me, Sniper playa baby
I hold it down full of Mo' and Crown, it make the kid move
Quick, too much Vodka make me nervous bad
I'm popping bottles every hour, making Erkles mad
I left the scene, swerved past in a purple Jag
You heard of trap, ladies love me you perverted fags
I rock the house like it's church, yeah I love the Lord
Play with my team, Chopper City it's gon be murder mass you heard me
Know you love the way that gangstas play it, we drank and blazing
Till ancient ages, this ain't for babies
So ease your nerves, play your girl like she easing surf
Cause chill what's beneath my shirt, have you bleeding syrup
I ain't tripping if you need that work, Sniper pull up in a Viper
With a rifle, that'll mean your smirk
Flows make my people lean, and twerk
I hit the track and beat it up like Ike and Tina Turner, it's Chopper City man

[Hook - 2x]

Now y'all already know, Uptown in here
I got my seventeen rounds in ya, we blowing pounds in ya
And you know, where I'm found in here
Last week they had a body, left found in here
And with the drank getting smoked, the bottles is popping
We ain't even make it to the party, and girls jocking
It's Hakizzle, you know the name girl
Just write your number down, and I'll give you a ring girl
I don't mean, to snatch your chicks playa
But the bar need chips playa, look at my wrist playa
The hood call me, Young Neno
Cause I'm quick to snatch your senorita, or hit the block with a kilo
Calm down homeboy, you messing up my groove
Yeah iight you smoking, give me a Kool
We stunt round year, ride in convertibles
Them Chopper City dudes'll murder you, holla back Kizzle

[Hook - 2x]

Me and my click at the scene, straight tearing it down
Ball till we fall, believe we laying it down
The party off the hook, when Chopper City arrive
Thugging popping bottles, until the sun rise
It's going down, it's going dizzle, it's going diggity
We from Uptown, off the hizzle off the higgity
I know you feeling me fa shiggity, Baby Gizzle
Baby Geezie, Baby Gangsta popping pistols
I'll flip you, straight switch you four nickel
With me, I won't miss you I got the pistol
Hoes jocking niggas hating, can't take us
Can't fade us, we ball just like the Lakers
I'm off the hinges, off the chain respect the game
The number one Hot Boy, ain't nothing changed
I'm thugged out getting twisted, bucking hard
Tearing the roof off, the party jumping hard

[Hook - 2x]

Now there you have it, it's Chopper City's finest
You heard me, T. Smooth on the track
(you gotta let it flow, let it flow, you gotta let it flow)