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Artist: B.G. f/ Gar & Red
Album:  Livin' Legend
Song:   Batt'Em Up
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Look, I'ma get in the game you heard me
Women, over here come listen, tell em
If you ain't been with a nigga, its too late
In the game, for a nigga to be making a bitch feel lead
You'll wanna get it right, and when you get it right
You'll wanna keep it right, look
A real nigga is hard to come by, believe it

Girl I can't believe you, how you gon
Turn around and bite the hand that feeds you
The way I break my back, good as I treat you
I keep saying this, I'ma really have to seat you
I'd hate to see the outcome, if I leave you
But its cause I wanna be, its not because I need you
You don't wanna be careful, why should I try to keep you
Nigga gon fuck, then he gone in a week or two
Them same hoes you be repping to, believe it or not, the same hoes
Behind your back, run and tell me, each and everything you do
You better wake up, and pay attention
Realize your partnas wanna ask you out, to get to yo position
I guarantee they got they man cuffed, if he say no that mean no
They can't go there, ain't gon huff and puff
That's a done deal, you better keep it real
You better, realize who pay your bills

Them hoes be acting up
They gon make a nigga bat em up
I'm sorry bitch, but I done had enough
Man I'ma leave this bitch in handcuffs
I say you hoes be acting up
You gon make a nigga bat you up
I'm sorry bitch, but we done had enough
We gon fuck around, and leave this bitch in handcuffs

Now see this what I'm talking bout, you out here running round
With them knuckle head, fucking give head hoes
Bring em to your house, then walk around in they bad clothes
You sneaking to the club with em, when I be on the map, that's cold
But its cool, cause my mama never raised no fool
We was in school, you had a nigga when I played on you
I shoulda seen it, but I was too caught up on the grind
In the blind, you knew I stayed with other shit on my mind
But all it did was take time, to show me the light
No I can't put this one behind, so you can go head and kite
So tell them hoes that there, and see what they say
They can't fuck you, but I can knock them off any day
So get your hand out my face, 'fore I bat you in yours
You should of, stayed in your place now the tables done turned
And everything I gave you, bitch I struggled to earn
Get your purse you gotta skate, you lucky you don't get burned


Girl don't play dumb, you know who made you
Everything you want you get, everything you got I gave you
I took you from hard times and saved you
In the best of everything I laced you
Made it where no one could fade you, sometimes I hate you
I love you to death, but the way you act
I know that's not the way, that Lil B.Gizzle raised you
I'm on the verge, about to shake you, don't forget
I'm a paid nigga getting sick of, you trying to be slicker
Tripping, trying to build fake cases, a house
Your clothes, your feature and supplied transportation
And that's how you gon do a nigga, mentally abuse a nigga
You gon regret trying to use a nigga, you this close from bout to lose this nigga
Man they got hoes all over the world, that wish they knew this nigga
See one time threw with you, I'm threw with you
Ain't nothing that I could do with you, but try to be cool with you


(*Red talking*)