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Artist: B.G. f/ Conrad
Album:  The Heart of Tha Streetz, Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am)
Song:   What I Need
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[Singing Over B.G.Talking]
Yeah you already know how it is in the streets(uh huh)
you already know how it is (you already know I ain't gotta tell you)
you gotta stay on top of it, you gotta stay on the grind
you can't let them hoes get in ya way (never ever, ever, ever...)
you know I mean you can play with 'em but to a certain extent

[Chorus - Conrad]
What I Need in my life seems so hard to find (so hard - so hard - so hard)
gotta get up on my grind 'cause I'm runnin out of time (it's like I'm runnin out of time)
well my momma always told me only the strong survive (only the strong survive)
and all the pain in my eyes, gotta make it out alive

[Verse 1 - B.G.]
Look I'm hard as they come and niggaz know that
and if I fuck with a hoe and leave I can't go back
I'm too true to the game dogg I can't slip
my baby momma the only one got me pussy whipped
I got two's, and threes and they know how it go
respect it or check it or they gotta hit the road
I chase money like niggaz chase ass in the Pen
and I need a few mills before the years end
I pop my collar in the club, get my drank on
and in the winter man I gotta put the mink on
I'm a pimp I got my picks and chooses with 'em
I got too many already I don't know what to do with 'em
but I'm a keep my head up like a big dogg
get this money, fuck these hoes and say fuck all y'all
I gotta heart I'm a man I can get serious
but I'm chasin money right now man I gotta get it


[Verse 3 - B.G.]
Niggaz thought I was threw from that other click
look how far I done came with this Chopper City shit
I gotta hold this shit down can't give it up
Slim will turn in his grave if I don't live it up
I put God first, family second, and money third
so my fourth option gotta be gettin off these birds
my momma give me all she could, I don't know
how the streets just came and grabbed me by the throat
but I'm in them now and I ain't turnin back
and I ain't turnin no corners without it on my lap
nigga I'm in the trap you can ask anybody
you want beef I ain't trippin you can see me about it
I'm bout whatever partna believe what I say
if I get uncomfortable I'm a unload the K
my plans and dreams get bigga everyday
so every night I gotta get on my knees and pray