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Artist: B.G. f/ Evelyn
Album:  The Heart of Tha Streetz Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am)
Song:   Get Yo Mind Right
Typed by: Lil Hustle

What's happ'ning, you see
There's a certain way, us hot boys want you hot girls to be
And it's a certain way, you hot girls want us too

[Hook: Evelyn]
I need a real man, someone to hold me
Give me his heart, and everything that I need
Buy me some Prada, Fendi or a Canary
Yeah baby, that's how I like my man to treat me
(now get your mind right, girl get yout mind right
I ain't none of them other dudes, get your mind right
Now get your mind right, girl get your mind right
Someone to put it in your life, get your mind right)

I want a hot girl, who know how to treat a nigga
If I go broke, she solid and won't leave a nigga
She keep it thorough, and ain't always in the streets
She know how to treat that meat, up in between the sheets
She hold me down, whether wrong or right
I ain't even gotta speak, she know just what daddy like
I know just what mami like, I know just what mami need
So she won't go nowhere else, I fuck her four times a week
I got her some bling-bling, nice whip nice pad
To show her I love her, when she trip I whoop's her ass
I'm a man you a woman baby, I'm running the show
You don't like it that's your issue, there go the do' you could go
I'm a soldier, I don't fuck with saditty bitches
I need a soldierette, I don't fuck with them silly bitches
Don't get me wrong, cause I like a good girl
But she gotta be half good, and half hood girl


If you need it you could get it, if you want it girl I got it
Ask somebody I'm the realest, you ain't know Gizzle the hottest
Let me see you work your body girl, drop it like it's hot
I know your pressure point, it won't be hard to find your spot
You start off at the bottom, then I'll let you get on top
Don't slow it down, cause I'm starting to like it a lot
I'm a fool, when it come to the streets
I heard about you baby girl, you a freak
Go 'head do what you do, put your mouth on the meat
If you don't catch it, I'ma warn you 'fore I'm fitting to skeet
I ain't gon do you that, it's all good I'm king of the hood
And hot girls call me, Dr. Good-Joog
All you gotta do is push, I got a nice stroke
If you don't believe, ask your girl she know
I'm a pro I'm a beast, I'm a dog I'm the shit
Hope you got good pussy, cause I got good dick


I need a real man, uuuh
I need a real man, I need a real man
(get your mind right, girl get you mind right)
I need a real man
(I ain't none of them other dudes, get your mind right)