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Artist: B.G.
Album:  The Heart of Tha Streetz Vol. 1
Song:   U See Why
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Yeah...  See

Ya Know Chopper City got all they reasons 
you know what I'm saying for doing the things they do
know what I'm saying and Imma tell you like this here
If you ain't real know what I'm saying we really ain't
got nothing in common know what I'm saying so its like this:

U see why I'm on the Block
U see why I gotta hustle
U see why I keeps my pistol
             and keeps it real to the gristol
U see why I gets my paper 
U see why I ain't got time for haters
U see why I do what I do and only fuck wit a few

I'ma hustla, all I can thank about is cheese
All I can thank about is getting g's mo g's mo g's
It looks like hatin' a disease
Cause tha mo money I get
The mo they they hatin' on me
So I peep thru muddy water
spot dry land
smiling all in my face
but bitch nigga you ain't my man
I understand why
God sent me on this ride
cause he know that I'm a soilder
that can survive thru hard times
Man I keep it real
I just play the cards that I'm dealt
most of time you see me I'm by myself
cause niggas hate
They smile in ya face
They'll stab you in your back
Chopper City niggas 
we don't be rockin' like that
If I'm wit ya I'm wit ya
If I'm against you I flip ya
If I get popped I don't snitch
I just take my hit
Imma Gangsta
The G-Code I was born wit it
And Imma ride wit it
You better believe
Until I die wit it


It Hard
Sometimes I get down on my knee
and ask tha Lord
Why I'm still living
and not did up behind bars
He tell me just chill
I got some in store for you
All the things I gave Cash Money 
I got even more for you
That gets me excited
and calm my nerve down alot
I be wanting to go off
and murk some on the block
Then a picture of my so
poof flash in front my eyes
Then reality kick in
now who gone take care mine
I don't want him to lose daddy 
like I lose mine
Lose mine when I was 12
and I've been trouble every since
I've been thuggin' every since
I've been hustlin' every since
I've been touting big pistols
and headbussin' every since
Carry my back on
Hand me my other half
and us three together
handle business affairs
I'm over due to get these meals huh
It's life with Chopper City
so you know that shit is real
huh come on


I'ma gangsta
but I know long as God in my life
and I choose to put him first
everything a be alright
so I keep my head up
continue to pay my dues
continue to keep it real
and just refuse to lose
I straight 
lead my click in the right direction
Keep 'em on point and focus 
and let 'em know sky's the limit
Chase that money
Get that money
Stack that money
Then you good
don't never get big headed
and turn your back on your hood
Imma man
my word is my bond
even if I'm mad at you
I'll never let money and fame
change my charactar
My daddy named me Christopher
The hood named me Gizzle
my dog Slim
Always told me keep it real to the gristle