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Artist: B.G. f/ Big Tymers
Album:  Chopper City in the Ghetto
Song:   With Tha B.G.
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B.G. [Talking]
Don't fuck with me
Tellin' ya

Verse One: B.G.

Nigga better tighten up
Before my clique start lighten up
Fuckin' with me Baby salutin' niggas bittin' dust
My nigga got my back thats a worry aint on my mind
I know if he got it he comin' out there slangin' iron
I got some niggas with choppers M-11 glocks ya hear me
I'm tellin' ya if thats what cha get hit with come near me
Niggas know that I stack feddi sip fine wine
I aint no hoe so come and test me I bust fifty times
Put a nigga in a blenda BLUKAH 
Now you wish you wouldn't of slipped up BLUKAH BLUKAH
If you bout nigga hatin' on me I don't give a fuck
They thank I don't know they out there waitin' on me I'ma hit the bus
Nigga it'll be some shit bloody bodies all in the street
Everyday of the week fuckin' with the B.G.

(Chorus) B.G. 4x
Fuckin' with tha B.G. 
Ca$h Money goin' broke puttin change on niggas brain behind me

Verse Two: B.G.

I ride dirty nigga chopper on the back seat
Ready ta hold quota nigga where ever we meet
I gotta protect me 
I can't let cha doom check me
I stays on my Ps 
I can't see wettin' the B.G.
Yeah I'm still the same fire boy nigga
Got beams on my toys and I still bring noise nigga
I keep it real forever treal nigga
Hoes be jockin' with ten solids cross my grill nigga
Gotta get my shine on
I stress to ya I'm bout chesse so I gotta get my grind on
I gotta ride on crome
I stress to ya we got twenty inches on everything we own
Ca$h Money off the hezzay
Besides B and Slim been way been on Fresh since the B.Geezay
It aint no secret handle biz black I keep tha ??? gangsta
He keep the fire ass trick nack
Then you know bout the H.Beezay
Wayne Juve Turk aint no way you niggas can see me
Before you step to me thank nigga 
I'm tellin ya you don't need ale other drank nigga

(Chorus) 4x

Verse Three: Baby
Nigga I'm a veteran at this shit
Use my gat ta self protect me from that muthafuckin' bullshit
Niggas gettin' crossed up
Tossed up
From fuckin' with CMR niggas gettin dished up
From millionaires plus
Diamonds bezzel crush 
My lil B.G. plush 
From his rolex to his Lexus truck
But we'll never get enough
Got this rap game fucked up
And we greedy like some hungry tigers ikn this rap feezy
Off tha heezy
With this motherfuckin chessezy
My lil B.Geezy
Know if a nigga get outta line he gotta come see me
But for now got to Strails and get a nigga some steak and fetticeezy
So I can go by one of my hoes with a full steezy
And watch this hoe scuff up to her kneezy
And send the video tape back to B.Geezy
And when finish hand it off to Man Feezy
And when he finish won't he toss to Suga Seezy
Fuckin' with my B.Geezy
I'll clear my bank account playboy you can believe me

Verse Four: Manny Fresh

Check it out baby boy while I run this shit
The life you talkin' bout man I done done this shit
Rough rugged
Muthafuck it
If you can dig it nigga then I done already dug it
Ready like the Marines 
Nigga with infared beams
I go get my shit I don't talk about dreams
Mr. Betty Crocker
Does it even cock up
Nigga knocka
Juice and vodka
Represent a stocka
If you ever get the nuts ta try ta try me
Ca$h Money records gone show yo ass head bustin' is a hobby