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Artist: B.G. f/ Big Tymers
Album:  It's All On U Volume 1
Song:   Get Your Shine On 
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Oh it's on now, we ridin' on chrome now,
Get'cha shine on Baby
This how we do it, it's all gravy
We layin' it down
That's how Ca$h Money Hot Boy$ play it,
That's how Uptown Hot Boy$ play it,
We gone lay it down

[First Verse - BG]

Washington and Freret on Sunday, they buck, jumpin
Niggas on seventeen stuntin', the second line's comin'
The Hot Girls out, the Hot Boy$ out
We in top of the line cars, Uptown boys out
For sixteen, I'm ridin' flyer than ya Daddy
I play a different car everyday, ya Daddy in the caddy
The fuckin' feds snatched me,
Picture they thought they had me
The B.G. shinin' so hard them dicksuckers tryin' to harass me
But they let me go, cause we way ahead and smarter
Keys come from overseas in a submarine under water
Still 'gon ride the Legend Monday, ride the Lex Tuesday
Ride the Benz Wednesday
Under the seat is the uzi
Ride the Camaro Thursday, Nine two nine Friday, Saturday,
50 shots set it off for niggas tryin to carjack me
Sunday I lay on Washington-uh with a fifth sippin' wine Holmes,
All week I gotta get my shine on

[Chorus - B.G.]
Get your shine on, get your shine on
All day long, I'ma get mine on
Get your shine on, get your shine on
All day long Baby get his shine on
Get your shine on, get your shine on
Seven days a week, I'ma get mine on
Get your shine on, get your shine on
You niggas need to know, the World is mine Holmes

[Second Verse - Baby]

Now all these cars, and all these broads
Nigga, I'm bout to get my shine on
Now I'm in Club Whispers wit a $10,000 bar tab
Hoes think I'm jokin', stupid hoes wanna laugh
I'm bout to lay my stunt down before I leave this bitch,
And one of you other niggas hoes gone suck my dick
Now every car I ride in got chrome on it homie
Got a mouth full of gold, to show Uptown soul
Plug hoes
And make more money independent, than a major nigga done went gold
I got a million dollar rang wit a 2 million dollar mouthpiece
And quick to lay a bitch on these satin silk sheets
Now nigga, Rufus Playin in the Lexus, Gangsta got a Q-5
If anyone of you broads know Baby know I like to ride fly
B.G. got a nine two nine, Mannie Fresh got a Camero and a seven thirty-five 
Now me Baby, big body Benz
Expedition, my black cat and my Lexus my friend
Now I could change a car for everyday of the week
And have a matching bitch in the passenger seat
Seven hundred Gs stashed away for my son
So when he grow up he can have a lil fun
I'm still sellin keys, stackin Gs on the D.L.
I stashed a million under the barber shop on V.L.
Nigga I ain't no rapper, I'm a game spitter
Ten Gs a show,
On behalf of Penalty, Ca$h Money, Tommy Boy, Warner Brothers nigga


[Third Verse - Mannie Fresh]

Can you fuck more bitches
Than the sea got fishes?
Can you do more hoes, than the Feds got snitches?
I ride Lexus land wit the TV playin
Gettin head, fuck a Fed with the phone in my hand
Nigga's gone shine, what you see is mine
Rolexes, went to Texas, Motorola, Alpine
Woodgrain Hummer, hoodrat plumber,
Hot Boys got toys, number one stunters
I know you bitches can't stand me
Lexus wit da candy
Blowin on blunts, sippin on Brandy
Now that's a good call
Papa cleaner than ya ever saw
929 wit the mirror bro
Tint it up, juice and Gin it up, send it up
To Texas, get the wood with the good weed, bend it up
Ball 'til I fall, that's the job nigga
Cash Money, Hot Boy, number one mob figure


[Fourth Verse - BG]

I like to look good, be sharp, on my side keep my iron on
Playa haters wanna steal ya when ya get your shine on
But fuck that, I'ma get mine on,
Chrome on the 929 wit my Primeco phone on
I'm a Hot Boy, hot girls I put the bone on
It ain't no secret, I'll bust ya dome Holmes,
B and Slim give me a 20 G loan
So I could get my roll on
I know my niggas ain't gone tell me hold on
They let me write the Cash Money check, they sign it
I cash it, I spend it
It's all good, we ride fly
Benz, Lex, Expedition
No doing bad, fulfillin dreams and wishes
Payin all my college hoes tuition
If I'm in a shootout, I got the red beam, I ain't missin
Face the ballistics, we got it like that, we earned it liked that
Worked for it like that, so we can shine like that