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Artist: Benzino f/ Lil' Kim, Petey Pablo
Album:  Redemption
Song:   Rock the Party (Remix)
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[Intro: Benzino] + (Lil' Kim)
Ayo (Benzino where you at?)
It's Yellowman, Benzino wanna rock the party
And we gonna bring this to the after party
Queen Bee wanna rock the party
Uh, uh, oh (Oh my God)
Yeah (Benzino where you at?)
(Bounce) Yellow City gonna rock the party
(This is the G-Mix)
Young Hef wanna rock the party, Petey Pablo
Yellow City, yea

[Verse 1: Lil' Kim]
It's your girl Queen Bee with the poisoness sting
Chinchilla draggin' with the diamond G-String
Bouncin' on Lorenzos I'm the Bee with the wings
Who the fuck want what? (What?)
Bettin' it all at the crap tables, rip the casino
From Vegas to Reno, me and Benzino
We gonna rock the party and drink Bacardi, all damn night
Awww watch me shake my ass like a fresh bowl of jelly
Quite Bootylicious like Beyonce and Kelly
Love to see guys with tattoos on they belly
Let's get nasty from the car to the telly
Ooh, I got my girls with me, so go get your boys
Come ride with us, we on the tour bus
If you treat us right, and you spendin' the night
Then we gon' freak

[Chorus: Benzino] + (Lil' Kim)
We gon' throw the party, rock the party
Then drink Bakardi, freak somebody
Then leave the party to the after party y'all
Now what ya'll gon' do?
(We gon' take it off, we gon' turn it out
It's hot in here, we gon' burn it out
We gon' throw that thang, we gon' back it up
Now what ya'll gon' do?)

[Verse 2 Benzino]
Benzino rock the city and you know I can't stop
Back at the lounge with a mean Diddy Bop
Shorty lookin' mean and her whole team hot
Yo' what's up? Yo' what's up with ya'll?
She sippin' cranberry with a splash of Belvedere
What? Five carot 'conia ice in my ear
Always drinkin' Coniac with ice when I'm here
... Nice
Feelin' how 'Zino put's his game to the test
36, 24, I think you know the rest
What's your secret ma? How you fit in that dress?
... Oh damn!
Now it's gettin' heated and you know what's on my mind
Me and you, outta hear, I think it's that time
Make you tap out when I creep in from behind
Now that's what's up, now everybody just


[Verse 3: Petey Pablo]
Hey hey hey hey
Me met a bitch of my dreams, corn jack
Come on, liquor inside my head like that
Pants saggin', Carolina hat to the back
I'm in New York City, can you hear me goddamnit
Weavin' through the traffic, shootin' usual daps
Tryna find Benzino, is it him in the back
Bring it back, porn channel X on the back
Be like hey hey hey, how'd she do that?
Pretty headed woman, with her fine self
Bow-legged cutey with her tight legs
Tryna get outta here with her friend in the black dress
Spread her hoochie coochie on my sun beam bread
Now I been sayin' to myself, Petey Petey
Get freaky, damn boy I can't even say it
And I got no need to be scared
Some things ain't supposed to be said


[Bridge: Benzino] + (Lil' Kim)
Yeah, we gon' rock
Yellow City, we gon' rock
The after party, we gon' rock
(Now what ya'll gon' do?)
We gon' rock, we gon' rock tonight
Cuz a Yellow City party don't stop
Uh, we gonna rock tonight
Now what ya'll gon' do?

[Chorus to fade]