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Artist: Belief f/ C-Rayz Walz, MURS, Vordul Mega, Wordsworth
Album:  Dedication
Song:   Say Yes
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We're together with this one. Yes yes y'all. Yes yes y'all. Yes

[Verse One] [Vordul]
Yo, Feelin' alright, movin' through nights
Key scenes awakenin'
Everyday from deep dreams
Summer stash gear
With the fridge full
Tryin' to keep cream
Beige trees

[C-Rayz Walz]
Save leaves
Study degrees
Don't rake your fate in haste with fake schemes
And angelic themes
What kind of man would study mankind's place
When streets is landmine laced?
Watch your step
From a place where these kids is hardly winners
And too often the case is sardines for dinner
Now, are these the sinners that can do no good?
Stuck blood clots in cold hoods?
No good, it's Rosewood
The block is the body of Christ
We party and fight
God, probably for life
A daily struggle, on the humble thoughts bubble at night
And then, pop, fizzle
Blow up and lock missiles on ob-stacles 
Gain knowledge

Understandin', equality
Believe in G
Even if it's only in me
And everybody else on some other shit
I'll still be on the strip, bumpin' this
Pumpin' fists

[Chorus] [Vordul] [x4]
Everybody say yes
If you tired of the stress
Tryin' to get it off of your chest

[Verse Two] [MURS]
Me,I'm from the porch not the stoop where us westsiders shoot
Dice each other over more than just loot
It's more than just colors
Dead homies like brothers
Or maybe they shot up the spot where your grandmother stay at
Thought process goin' on underneath wave caps worldwide
Plumb juice and genocide
Is what they sippin' on
What they trippin' on is the chrome that they sittin' on
Got your chain swingin' but your brain ain't hittin' on
(C'mon man)
Anybody got a problem with progress get at me
Young scrappy lad from the land of the bad
Been makin' suckers mad since I picked up the pad
Pen down, been down since the 80s
But won't switch now just so I can sound crazy
I simple tell the truth and let the chips chase me

[Chorus] [Vordul] [x4]
Everybody say yes
If you tired of the 
Tryin' to get it off of your chest

Listen, we goin' through the crucifixion
When the government judges how we livin'
Got half our brothers, up in prison
How we escape, trauma
In the world of mad drama
Complaints between fathers and baby mommas
Family's that suffered through addiction
Heard it was better, in the 80s
Everybody wasn't so crazy
But maybe...

It'll be better for our generation
Less war with coins that's commemoratin'
I don't think the solemn oath's they remember takin'
Can't run the new world with intimidation
And eliminatin' 
Children and women
It's been hidden by radio and television
But livin' in the city...

Of heroes and villains
Paper makes it
Hard to tell the difference

[Chorus] [Vordul] [x4]
Everybody say yes
If you tired of the stress
Tryin' to get it off of your chest