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Artist: Body Count
Album:  Body Count
Song:   Smoked Pork 
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{*sounds of Thundering, lighting and pour raining*}

[Ice-T] Yo Moose
[Moose] What Up?
[Ice-T] Stop the car right here, there they go!
[Moose] Shhhhtt!
[Ice-T] Alright, give it here, give it here
[Moose] Yo man, I wanna do it
[Ice-T] No man, let me do it, cool out
[Moose] Yo Ice, I wanna do it
[Ice-T] Stay in the car man, stay in the car
[Moose] Fuck that Ice!
[Ice-T] Stay in the car, here I go..

Uhh.. Hi officers, ummm.. we had a flat tire back there
Do you think you guys could help us out?
"Noh, that's not my job; my job's not to help your fucking ass out"
I mean, um.. you know, I don't have any other way to get home
"That's not my job, asshole."
Well uh, could you tell me what your job is?
"Right now my job is eating these doughnuts, or maybe...
Hey, wait a minute, aren't you
{*3 gun shots*}