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Artist: Bas
Album:  Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. I (Mixtape)
Song:   Moment For Life
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Dike niggas actin' like a bunch of women scorned
Haters form like ice after winter storms
Never play along, bag a chick, girl let's make a porn
Make a sandwich bitch, make a marriage
strip, go south like you on a van with
Split like the grams me and my man get
gotta feed the fam, understand this
8 balls, underhand pitch, snitch crawl, under sand ditch
Paint a perfect picture would you be my canvas?
my name is in the scripture my makin' to plan this
I panoramic panned it, [?] it
8 cylinder like [?], like ten chick, outstanding
I planned it, outstanding, good things come to those who wait
But hey, I want that cake right now, take a bitch on a sober date
What I look like? hit the gate, and board a flight cloud it formed
You are now in the right crowd when you hear that weak shit
tell them niggas pipe down
Fiend bitch, get her beak wet, mirror wipe down
She show me the secrets, she'll show you the night gown, [?] life clown
Dumb dumb sit yo ass down, that's game
Like Drake bitch thank me later, New York yankee, fuck you, hater
Big crib, mad trees, don't see my neighbor, just see that paper
Yeah she's a stand up chick but shit
I laid her, I laid her, yeah she's a stand up chick
but shit, I laid her, I laid her
Yeah she's a stand up chick, but shit
I laid her, I laid her, Fiend Bitch