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Artist: Bas
Album:  Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. I (Mixtape)
Song:   Divorce
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ok, I got this chick enthralled, slippin' out her draws
Stick it in her jaw first
then I'm in her snatch like I'm dippin' with this broad
purse never comin' back
Cuttin' like a barber stupid niggas spoiled her
But I'm a G see? Luke I am your father
Vader how I son these niggas, cater how I serve these niggas
Big beard, Al-Qaeda with the fuckin' clippers
Six gears y'all chasin' when we fuckin' dip in
Pop my clip and shoot my shot
Got her butt naked in my fuckin' kitchen, alfredo what she cookin'
Light a blunt when we want a killin' of the good shit
Niggas front, I got a couple hittas up in Brooklyn
So they can go to hell they haters
Catch me a fine honey, bag two bitches in the elevator
We'll celebrate her penetrate her, shit cold
Top floor, you ain't got the code for the elevator
Shine like a laminator so the hoes wanna stronghold
Hit 'em with the arnold, part one, two, three I'm a terminator
Salvation week and honestly man, the last couple weeks
Light the gas on the beat, like a pass from the heat
James, Wade, Bas I'm a G, no stage name
Ties on the street we bang, bang
Eyes on the prize so my mind run in circles
Try and go for mine and I'll fuckin' hurt you
Moms was a dime? then I probably birthed you
Gave you a style boy now it's time for curfew
Sleep tight, see the light of day
Sticky finger face time, Onyx with technology
School I used to waste time, but I know biology
And I know my chemistry, bet I know my math
I will solve the task, pushin' somethin' foreign with 200 on the dash
When they call ignore 'em if it ain't about the cash
Shorty got it goin', she amazin' with the ass
Bas lap these rappers like I'm tapin' down the gas
Pedal to the metal, New York City prince, rose pedals for the fellow
This is hella instrumental, shit, I had to go and get a rental