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Artist: Bankroll Fresh f/ London Jae, Shad Da God, T.I.
Album:  Smoke Tree (S)
Song:   Smoke Tree
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Heard you was at the muthafucking Ruth Chris yesterday with a bird
What the fuck you talking about?
You not... I just said what I'm talking about
Who is you out there eating with? 7
Why is you feeding these hoes?
Creeping... hold up, you fucked up my counting
You gotta... do I look like I'm stupid?
I'm in the muthafucking Ruth

[Chorus: Shad da God]
Bitch can't kill my vibe
Bitch can't kill my vibe
I was on percs and weed and drink
She tried to look in my eyes
But I had the Dior's on, she can't
See hoe memorized
They tryna get televised
I'm sipping the dirty cup
Some shit I would not advise
In that blunt
Regular thotty, gon whip out the D
I had your bitch and she wrapped round my feet
I get the molly, the drink and the weed
I give you extendo... it's my treat
I don't wanna treat no bitch when I just want tree
Want tree, hol up, want tree, hol up, want tree, hol up
Just want trees, hol up

[Verse 1: Shad da God]
Gotta ride with TIP
Gotta keep it dirty dick
Got a Puerto Rican bitch, she on Miami grit
Just turn up, these streets gon pay me
This girl keep bankroll hold
My one hoe got that new Mercedes
Can't kill my vibe when I'm on them percs
And all that drink me lately
Think I'm gonna be slim like shady
You fucking with a Bankroll baby
Nigga might fuck around me, that chopper dead like Sammy Davis
Balling like Sammy Sosa, put her up in a Rover


[Verse 2: T.I.]
In the wee hours of every morning
Yeah we up with that money and steady going
Your hoe know I ain't gon get out
When I pull up she sitting round listening for Bentley horns
That bankroll's so necessary
You crowd me, that action ain't mandatory
Can't compare us, I ain't in your category
Still I'm the shit like a lavatory
Ain't gon go back and forth
Got your bitch head down south and her ass up north
Give her ass what she asking for
When I finish she tell me my dick is spectacular
Make her suck on it like Dracula
Right fore she back it up, so impressed with my vernacular
Then make her a private jet passenger
Mile in the sky, popping molly, enjoying the high


[Verse 3: London Jae]
Act like you know I'm a kill it
Act like you know I'm the realest
Act like these bitches ain't gon chase this money
I'm a throw that shit to the ceiling
Oh what a feeling
Been at this shit for a minute
Ain't no safety on the folder
The clip is extended
My tee-shirt is
My jeans is skinny
Bitch I come straight out them trenches
Run through that bitch I don't... now
Finally motherfucking rich now
I don't care about no bitch now
Just cop me a six now
Will blast it
Flying through traffic
Bitch I'm a savage
Young, rich and flashy
Only fuck with the baddest
All about my cabbage