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Artist: Bando Jonez f/ B.o.B, T-Pain, Twista
Album:  Sex You (Remix) {S}
Song:   Sex You (Remix)
Typed by: Cedmaster3K


[Intro: Bando Jonez]
(All-all-all the rain keeps fallin' and these hoes keep callin')
Uh; all these rain drops fallin' on my window
Got me wishin' that we did the things we didn't do

I call her up and tell her I wanna get some more and even then I could never get enough
Cause when it comes to others it's embarrassin', ain't no comparison cause all I think about is your stuff
The dress huggin' ya body, I wanna pull it off, I wanna sex you so I wanna see what's under that
Make the sword get longer cause I see you got the Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCat
So po' hit the hole like a running back, through the secondary and almost scored a touchdown
Ain't no leavin' me or havoc or a bustdown, cause you the girl I wanna cuff now
I put you up on a pedestal with the ultimate status and give it to you how he won't
I snatch you up by the panties and bend you over the granite then give it to you how he don't
(Can I sex you, baby?!)
Gimme some of that, kissin' you on the neck, make you call me daddy when I get you wet
Ya body I can paint a Van Gogh on so go 'til ya man go home
Cause if anything can go wrong, it's probably cause you been fuckin' with Twista and Bando Jonez
I can never say that I got enough (hmm) when she let me get on top of her (hmm)
With Louis V is how I'ma honor her, she hot enough to break a thermometer
How she act is makin' me wanna fuck, tell her somethin' I know to make her blush
We bigger than money and comin' up, all you gotta know is

Ay; don't call me a bugaboo (bugaboo) but does it trouble you, trouble you, trouble you? (trouble you)
You got all that passion trapped deep inside of her, lately it's bubblin' up on you
You ever get tired of study group? You need to be doing what lovers do (haha)
Your girls don't understand why you don't get a man (heh) and I gotta say I'm puzzled too (I'm puzzled too)
Bring them double D's to the W (the W) I guarantee you'll never need another dude (another dude)
It's a possibility we'll need another set of sheets, in fact we gonna need a new room (room service)
It's too wet, shoulda brought a raincoat (raincoat) too deep, shoulda brought a sail boat (splash)
I'm divin' all in it like Cuba, Gooding, Jr., divin' like scuba (hah)
Don't take it for granted, don't let a compliment go to yo head (yo head)
Cause it's too many things I wanna do to you I have to show you instead
Goin' so hard, goin' so hard girl we done lost control of the bed
She told me "Don't stop", told me "Don't stop", now she done lost control of her legs
Good God!

Haha~! Yeahh
Bando (ay ay) let's do this, man (ohh)

I know y'all wasn't tryin' to leave me out these remix
Oh no no no you didn't, oh no you didn't
I'ma put some Tallahassee on and show you how we do this G-shit
H-h-holdin' streets out in Philly
She tryin' to walk, lookin' like a newbooorn baby
Cause we been doin' it constantly
She looked at me and asked if I do pooorn, maybe-eee
(Hahaha) Naw, it ain't nothin' like that
I'm just one of them freaky niggas from the southside that'll leave a trick with her mouth wide
Baby we can do it outside or we can do it on the couch
Ahhh, she comin' again, I ain't say nothin'
Ahhh, this is a win-win situation
She been playin' hard to get but it's obviously I got her strung out
She gonna look back at me when I smack that ass, I'ma have my tongue out
Like heeey
Baby you know this the best you ever haaad, you ain't too baaad
Baby keep up with it, keep up with it, we go deep up in it, deep up in it
I'ma have you askin' me why this bed ain't got no seatbelts in it (whoa~!)
I'ma goddamn genius on this remix
The industry needs to put my penis in a test tube to see why it's so good when I…

[Chorus: Bando Jonez]
Sex you, baby (hohhhh)
I wanna know - have you had any good sex, lately lately lately lately?

[Bando Jonez]
Have (sex) have (have you had it?)
Have (sex) haaaave (good sex)
Have you had any good sex, girl?
(Sex, have you had it? Sex, good sex)
Ooohh, when I sex yoooou, baby, baby
Have you had any good sex, lately lately lateeeeely?
Ohhhhhh-whoaaaa (Sex, have you had it? Sex, good sex)
(Sex, have you had it? Sex, good sex)
All these rain drops fallin' on my window