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Artist: Bambino f/ Sadistik
Album:  Cold Wood Burn
Song:   Someone Like You
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

(Someone like you) can make my stomach knot and twist
'til I'm nodding off, I've been jumping off a cliff
You're so wonderful, I'm doing somersaults and flips
While I'm catching clouds for you in another balled up fist
(Someone like you) I'll say there's nothing wrong again
But there's something in your skin that can summon God
Look, I'm the hero; you're the heroine
Needle in the heroin, you can be the sequel that I'm buried in

(Someone like you) can probably save me from drowning
inside this filthy little head of mine that's aching and pounding
Tonight, you're my solar system, I can only witness
stars in your eyes that are blazing around me
Your touch is like a medicine I need to breathe
Everything you do is so much better than I seem to be
your chopped liver, I feel so ugly when I'm next to you
Tell me what I have to do so I can feel special, too
Like, you... (like you)