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Artist: Bambino f/ Sadistik
Album:  Cold Wood Burn
Song:   Leaving Life
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

When the weather weathered I just knew it was time to go
I control the world and the bruise on my isotopes
never left, so I took another breath
And this history repeats so I think I can write my own
I can go, to the edge of the Earth
to bury my beliefs that I shed at my birth
Are nefarious and weak so they're left in the dirt
I'm so very incomplete but I tend to divert
From this sunken lovesick life
I'm rambunctious, sunkissed, tongue split wide
Where assumptions come with unfit times
That encompass, nothing, some just die
With no place, to call a home
Don't face, it all a
lonely in the crowd face is familiar
If that's what it takes to be safe from the killing birds
Fly high now while I find out
Why a little bit of liquor can define my style
Everything's broken and the house is full of mirrors
And this apathy's a sickness but I doubt that there's a cure
When I'm drowning in obscure references
in a world where it's evident the girl wasn't medicine enough
So I take another puff puff cigarette
Is it because I know that I can never be innocent again now?