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Artist: Bad Meets Evil
Album:  Southpaw soundtrack
Song:   All I Think About
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[Chorus: Eminem]
From the moment I go to bed 'til I wake up, all day
This is all I can think about, baby {"Aww yeah"}
So I'll go straight at opponents' heads with this anger, always
Cause this is all I can think about, baby {"Aww yeah"}

[Royce Da 5'9"]
The chopper got about fifty bullets
Ain't no way it's accidental when I spill 'em on you
I'm the realist in the biz
How you livin? ...
Cause you can get it how you live
And while you livin I'ma say my pull-out game is so real
I'll still get rid of kids
Now that's ill...
The top of your head can fly off the top of convertibles
Ain't gon' really take no time to come through and murder you
I don't fake mine
I do this the fair way...
Snitches get stitches
Blown away and left on display
Hung by the grapevine
I just kicked the chair away...
Let me be the first to tell you that you're lookin at a superstar
My microphone and AK-47, that's my new guitar
I don't belong to you and I don't care who you are
Yeah you sold a couple records, got a couple joints
Got a few Jordans, three, four pairs of Louboutins {*cough*}
That's besides the point like a shootin guard {*cough*}
Nigga I'm a rock star

[Eminem] + (Royce)
With whoopin cough
(I am) sick, George Clooney with a uzi, what kind of a movie star
would hop out a moving car just to prove he's hard?
"Fuck you doin, you retard?"
Should be put in a cast as soon as we start shooting dawg
You swear I knew where the Roofies are
the way I drug a bitch, through the yard
Stuffed little Suzie in cardboard after wrappin her nude and newly scarred
body in water-proof tarp covered in roofing tar...
So what you so blunt for? Did
you fuckin fall off chump? Or did you jump? Or did you just become more with?
Cause you're slippin into a funk, I just become morbid
and more self-absorbed in my own world everyone orbits
Pen at the table, I don't know when I'll be able to stop, told you from the gate
One thought it generally takes and I'm off to the races, wait
Mentally stable, hold your fuckin horses...
There's nothin more disgusting, an animal, I just got done snortin
the fuckin bathroom soap and the tannin lotion, to unwarp this
mind you gon' need some sort of
an antidote, there's not a pill for bananas though, it's unfortunate
You got delusions of grandeur though
Actin like you're Michelangelo with a fuckin cordless
Bitch I'm Shredder so you better crawl back in your shell, or run 'fore ya
get injured, a fuckin Ninja Turtle wouldn't come tortoise/toward us
Two joint forces, of course this is what blunt force is
Cause we'd/weed smoke you on any joint
Bad and Evil's back bitch, you might experience some shortness
of breath, as you sit with your lungs punctured, here them motherfuckin tears come pourin
If I tell you once more then you're done for
You're gonna have to learn how to fuckin hear from a ruptured eardrum, Forest
Am I clear? You +Gump+, you're as
dumb as a stump to think we'd come with a trump shortage
B-b-b-b, bass in your face bitch, Chuck Norris's
nunchucks morph into guns, swords
This is what blood sport is
The goriest, glorious, Notorious Big-amous, shogun warriors

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Goddamn! The Slaughter boy general
Once I slaughter it, you couldn't un-slaughter it
Once I order a hit, you couldn't un-order it
Hit's an order, this the, consortium


If I don't got no more drama bitch I'm a fish outta water
bottle, after all of these guys I slaughter
Applause is getting louder, how the fuck did this happen?
I never rapped for bitches, how's it my audience now is broader?
Devil without a cause, rebel without a pause
I'm a "kaze" without the "kami"/comma
You wouldn't be a G if it cost me a thousand dollars
Infrared in my pencil lead but always keep an extra one stocked though
in the back pocket and both of 'em locked and they're loaded
like cocked twin Glocks that I'm holdin
You better pause when you see these two dots on your colon
Fuckin punks, you wait, just got to rockin and rollin
Cause Elvis ain't left the building yet, I'm still a villain
You feel a threat when I step in and kill a set in a millisec'
with the weapon of intellect, Hannibal Lecter with the black belt and kung fu
Protect your neck and

[Royce Da 5'9"] + (Eminem)
Respect the gun rule
Read in the Art of War book 'bout Sun Tzu
You realize if you defy
You probably won't be around here/hair long, Rapunzel
(Get over it, look)
Bitch I got the bands in my pocket and the drumroll poppin
That's... ehhh that's overkill
I keep the kill under me, I keep the chill one degree
I'll hit you with a hook, that'll make you see threes
You realize as soon as you beat me
that you didn't, yeah, it's still one of me
I'll meat slap you, that's a recap view, that's normal embarrassing
And you slap me, that's knee-slap humor, that's hardly hilarious
So we scrap over you lying/lion like a feline cub in a forest cherishin
a kill from a dominant male

And I'm born with Malaria!
A form of Lou Gehrigs to the torture and terrify corporate America
Poor little Erica, in the morning the sheriff's
and law enforcement'll find one-fourth of her buried under a barrier
of the kitchen floor with the stairs in an outdoor wooded area~!


[Royce Da 5'9"]
Back then hoes didn't, want him
Now the black Benz all hid in, corners
My spectacular vernacular
I spit like givin Ex-Lax to Dracula
Let me translate, I'm tryna find me a bitch
And then I'm suckin on her neck while she naked
And then I'm, shittin, on her

And I'm, gettin, boners from, what I'm, spittin
Gettin, blown to, smithereens in a Toyota
Gettin, stoner, Jonas, Brothers
Brothers, songs fricken rotisserie how these birds are flippin
{*chrrt-chka*} A time bomb with a nervous tickin
'Nother murder victim, I flirted with them first and burrr-stick 'em
I burn up if I try to step on inside a Church Chicken!
{*Chka*} Wanna {*chka*} wanna
Makin sure any who battle me crawl away
Assault and battery holiday, and just when you're thinkin that'll be all I say
I'll start automatically callin names
and rattling off fellow rappers so pardon the analogy
But I'll disappear quick as Natalee Holloway
It's my mentality all the way
I'm normally a suicide mission to try dissin
But one thing that I never mind's gettin
called Elvis all the time in the articles that you write which is why I never reply
cause he died shittin, so ah, shittin I'm spittin
my infinite supply of written
Bona-fide, kiddin aside, critics stick my little white dick in
your eyelid and fuck it! Switch subjects!
Movin on to the next one it's CH-Chucky
Who wanna play with number one overall? KID Cudi
A psycho buddy who might go nutty cause he don't like nobody
His knife's so bloody cause he just sliced somebody
Pull out the Schick Hydro and

[Royce Da 5'9"]
In light of what he
just said, this for those who even kinda want it
Cause for this man I would take a lighter and light up all of my "Lighter" money
You can call it pyro money, hi Rihanna
I mean wait, hi Tianna; wait, hi Tatiana
Shit I gotta problem and, I don't, like it
It's called "fuck-a-model"-itis
Who pussy the tightest? That's amazing
Sit yo' ass down, I don't like the pussy too tight
Get the fuck outta here and have some babies
Vocabulary, still ill
The 9-11 still will
It's all yellow with the black stripe, +Kill Bill+
I'm so far ahead of the skills here
Gettin ready for my past life, I'm +The Real Deal+

[Eminem] + (Royce)
Like Holyfield
Think you irreplaceable/ear-replaceable? Bite it! (That's overkill)
'Til I keel over like somebody stuffed roadkill
and Ebola in my bowl of oatmeal, you know the deal
I'm not about to sit and go through the whole spiel
of how I'm, how I'm, cold steel like an old, cold snowmobile
and no feelin but so jovial
But don't be one of those who mistake me for a joke, I'm so for real
It's what I told the phony MC before I broke his will
Drove a drill through his skull to see his soul, told him when I snap like a photo he'll
get exposed like a roll of film
Now here he goes again
Oh, I'm so trill, I'ma get the hose again
like Buffalo Bill's, bitch you didn't put lotion in
the bucket, fuck it, beat the poor little old widow
with throw pillows, soap, Brillos, finished my goat milk then
Smoke billows, I lit up - ah, fuck it