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Artist: Baby K
Album:  What's My Name (Single)
Song:   What's My Name Say My Name
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what's my name Baby K Baby K Baby K Baby K
what's my name Baby K {*ad libs: "what, who"*}

dope boys ain't got nothing on me
my 1st album sold 20 in a week
hoodfavorite do you know what that mean
these nuckleheads ain't hot as me

40 hours pay off rapping part time
tell my girl friend relax unwind
made two nickels started wit a dime
charge um ten a piece cuz it's hard to find

young black boy in my prime
put me any where I'm gone shine
get ay own shit stop copying mine
I don't smoke weed but my buds are kind

momma ain't raise no fools that's why
money don't make me I act blind
my clothes got wings I'm so fly
smack ay ass back this baby don't cry


(Say My Name Break)

this baby k as real as can be 
the diamonds on your neck ain't as real as me
crack for kids in my CD
don't worry mom it's just candy

getting money is my  strategy
cause no money is embarrassing
being broke is childish homes
so I'mma get paid like I'm so grown

I'm the real deal never mi clone
Dame Culo Make the girls mone
I love 'em all even the red bones
indian black even two tones


(Say My Name Break)

know who you dealing wit 
this ain't replica this is authentic
mothers get wit it daughters lets visit
have em say my name while I'm in the kitten
video vixen 

I'm Good From L.A. to Chicago
New York Atlanta Toronto
Someting like a Big Willie
and I'm a legend in my home town Philly