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Artist: Birdman (Baby) f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Fire Flame (S)
Song:   Fire Flame
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[Intro: Birdman] + (Lil Wayne)
Yeah, Y.M. C.M.B.
Believe that (Stunna, what it is)
You already know Young
(Young Money, Cash Money)
100 hundred (believe that!)

[Chorus: Birdman] + (Lil Wayne)
Fire flame, flame, fire flame spitters {*2X*}
Bitch we the business, hundred million dollars {*2X*}
(What'cha talkin' bout?)
Fire flame, flame, fire flame spitters {*2X*}
Bitch we the business, hundred million dollars {*2X*}

[Birdman - over Chorus]
Yeah, just like that (Yes!)
Young.. let's go
(Uhh.. there I go!)

[Lil Wayne]
Fresh offa my bid, bitch it's Lil Tunechi
I Lucille Ball; bitch I love Lucy
If these niggaz dogs, I'm animal cruelty
Don't fuck with me at all, cause I'm twisted like in an Rubik's
Cube - oh my look how the time has flown
And they say time is of the essence but what if that clock is wrong?
But all my problems will be second and all my worries will be gone
And I'll have moneybags for breakfast smell like "Bitch I'm Rich" cologne
Ha~! I'm so relaxed, my Gucci flats ain't got a scratch
And if you got problems with eye, well I will fix them cataracts
They say it cost to be the boss, I pay the price includin tax
Bitch I'm a fire flame spitter and to me you niggaz wax, ugh!


Yeah, shinin like new money..
In this world with my tommy gun, banana clip the redrum
Hundred million dollars, put my life down for my son
Spend a little cash, bust a nigga ass
Five star nigga, two mill' on the dash
Yeah, militant minded
Uptown soldier, you have been blinded
Grindin all the time bitch stuntin and we shinin
Divin in deep shit, the money keep climbin
Blap! The-the-the bottles keep poppin
Dom P, Rose, Perrier poppin
Them bitches see we rockin, the whips we be rockin
Iced up, tatted up, fire flame (fi-fire flame)


[Lil Wayne]
Uhh, I-I got pussy comin to me
Shotgun in my drawers make your woman bite the bullet
Sittin in my hog tell my chaffeur "To the penthouse"
Pockets so deep it's like my money gotta swim out
Marley sayin fuck 'em, Scoob sayin fuck 'em
Bitch I'm still the best overall like a jumper
Weezy F F, fire flame spitter
Hundred million dollars, pocket change nigga

See these first class flights? We strapped up in the trenches
Nigga want some business bitch we gettin it in this business
Them ten figure niggaz, blood rich game nigga
Fire flame spitters, point blank nigga
Money and the power, swag out the shower
Spendin nigga then them pussies runnin like some cowards
Bigger than life nigga, C4 bitch
Hundred million dollars, my son born rich, BLAP!


[Birdman - over Chorus]
Fresh off the island
Swag... all day every day
Shinin like new money
Filthy 'bout our riches
Moolah crazy
Uptown generals
Five star
Yeah, yeah bigger than life
C4, yeah
Hella choppers, yeah