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Artist: Bad Ronald
Album:  Bad Ronald
Song:   Let's Begin (Shoot the Shit)
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We gonna light the trees, tap the keg
Shoot the shit now let's begin
We gonna kick right back we gonna sit right down
Enjoy it girl you gonna love the sound

I'm holdin but I'm bout to cop some more
I feel fine cause I smoked a lot before
So what you stoppin for? Keep passin by
Smoke good trees get a long lasting vibe
I know it might be right no it might be wrong
If I'm gonna have a drink it might as well be strong
Its not the beginning and it's not the end
We gonna pass it around so you can hit it again
Let me be young live life while I can
Get the wrong idea of what I actually am
Like a flash in the pan so hold on tight
Got a little buzz and everything gonna be alright


Now once the beer starts flowing everything gonna be fine
I be stuck up in the party tryin to get mine
Left paw on the wine right magarita shakin
Tryin to concentrate but I'm straight space cakin
like the ? like the lakin, forgetting what I know
my girl told me to wait but I had to come and go
Ya steady with the flow pop the tape in postion
Put my feet to the track to properly ride the rhythm
Takin and I'm givin, livin for today
This karma gonna getcha in the long run anyway
And in the short with the sport I was straight Charles Bronson
In Houston with Alvin you was fuckin Larry's Johnson


Everybody raise your drinks to the sky
Mr. DJ make ya sound amplify
Lovely ladies get up don't be shy
and listen up as I clarify
my mission to why I'm spittin
cause y'all be whining and bitchin
moaning, groaning, and dissin
There ain't no end in my crew, we just do what we do
We ain't stoppin we got plenty treats and enough brew

(hook) Everybody raise your drinks to the sky

[Chorus] repeat until fade