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Artist: Busta Rhymes f/ Twista
Album:  Can You Keep Up {S}
Song:   Can You Keep Up
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Now it's - finna be some energy, we got the remedy
I'm in the vicinity of a nigga that can spit it with me
Feel the fire whenever we act up
Everybody else is incompatible with the artillery
So forget about it when you hear about it
cause it's too fast when I pass the baton to Busta

Hit a victim in the middle of the body with a bullet and the rhythm
Every murder in ya structure

[Busta Rhymes]
Every time I hit you niggaz with another jam
and then I black and I be soundin like a nigga full of anger
Now I'm back to beat you in the head, I'll bring another banger
with my nigga Twist, everything we do be up to wanger{?}
You don't really really wanna see the way I come
and then I give it to you, get up on it, see a nigga numb
Do it how I wanna do it 'til I make another nigga drop
All I wanna do, homie I'm the ONE!

Gone 'head, pick it up and carry it 
to where you wanna carry it to do whatever you wanna do
Show the competition how we gonna do when we comin through
I bet a nigga never get in front of you
I wanna be, up in the front, wanna get in
Then race in so fast they call me Flash

Don't nobody really wanna 
We can hit 'em like a couple of millimeters of whoop a nigga ass

[Busta Rhymes]
Skibbedy-boop, skibbedy-bop, skibbedy-beep
I'm skippin all over on another Just Blaze hit
Now I know a lot of y'all been sittin and waitin and wonderin
was we ever gonna do this shit
And then we came to hit 'em with another flow
Pop champagne and celebrate and kill another show
Gotta campaign the greatest niggaz, y'all already know that
Never do this kinda shit, Twist get 'em, gotta go

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes] + (Twista)
Now I gotta ask y'all
(Can you keep up?) Can you keep up?
(Can you keep up?) Can you keep up?
(Can you keep up?) Can you keep up?
Now try to catch me if you can!
(Can you keep up?) Can you keep up?
(Can you keep up?) Can you keep up?
(Can you keep up?) Now try to catch me {*echoes*}

Kill everybody cause I'm gunnin outta stress
If I'm runnin outta breath, he gon' pick up where I left off
Keep him with me when he spittin cause the flow be the bidness
I'm a menace when I bust a lyrical Tec off
Go faster than Ricky Bobby
Killin them in +Talladega Nights+

A nigga try to get up, when a nigga hit up
With it and I off him and you gotta pay the price

[Busta Rhymes]
Look, why don't everybody wanna come and try get a little taste
of the shit I got, now let me put it all up in your face
When I spit I got a nigga whylin all over the place
Everybody better LISTEN HERE
Cause you know that when I bring him I will never never stop
Make a nigga rewind and then bring it back to the top

Throw the shit up in the streets and I be runnin every block
Everybody better STAND CLEAR

Like a millimeter when I be bumpin the track up
Or motivated for murder whenever I act up
A couple of phenominal niggaz'll stack up
But gets anybody that wanna live in the back up
Killin them whenever I'm bustin the clip off
Cause I'ma be attackin them with the insane flow
Then I'll be havin them callin me Twista Phelps
And my nigga Bust like Usain Bolt

[Busta Rhymes]
Shock a nigga like I was a thousand volts
Now I'm feelin on the beat the way I'm feelin on the boat
The way I gotta kill 'em and the way I gotta flow
You don't really wanna test me boy cause I'll pop ya
When I'm in the spot you know you can't leave
Then I spit every word 'til "DAMN, I CAN'T BREATHE!"
You never heard until your nose bleed
Twista PLEASE~! Now you know I got ya


You could talk about it with a bunch of people
They'll say that I'm a lyrical manifestation of rhythm

[Busta Rhymes]
Then I come and do the shit I gotta do
and then I bang 'em and get 'em and do 'em every single time I hit 'em

When I do it and it's gotta be accurate
like I'm attackin the rhythm with such a vocal tenacity

[Busta Rhymes]
See the way that brother blackin, I'm back in effect 
Cause every time we in the place we fill it to capacity

I be comin with it, he be comin with it
And nobody really do it how we do it and the flow is so fluid
I gotta be an anomaly, gotta be an Odyssey
The prodigy and I'ma be the one to prove it

[Busta Rhymes]
Don't you ever forget it, the way we comin
and they sendin somebody, gon' probably be needin medics
So give me the credit in alphabetical order
We comin to slaughter so call out the order, see the way we do it