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Artist: Black Menace f/ Insane
Album:  Drama Time
Song:   Feel What They Feel
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First Verse (J-Dawg):

Now meet Amy, shame we can't protect her,
She's thirteen but well-developed so her Dad sexed her,
Molested her body as well as her mind,
Come to find the same shit been goin' on since she was nine,
Combined with the thoughts if she told he would hurt her,
Confused, thinkin' the only way to make him stop was murder,
She heard a, car pull off, Mom's gone to work,
She raised up her skirt and then prepared for the worst,
Her Dad burst in without no clothes on smilin',
The pain of the penis makes it hard to stay silent,
The same cum that made her, soakin' in the cupboards,
And Dad keep on tellin' her he do it cuz he love her,
She put on a front and smiled knowin' that she feel bad,
Hard to accept abuse comin' from her real Dad,
She's scarred for life, could've been somebody's wife,
Instead of Teddy bears, now she's sleepin' with a knife,
Full of fright, hopin' if she wake the nightmare will be over,
Scared to death of her Dad, petrified of what he told her,
"If you ever tell our secret, you and your Moms dyin',
Then I'll turn the gun on me and take my life and I ain't lyin'",
So for months it went on, I'm talkin' bout the same segment,
Dad fuckin' Amy, but now Amy's pregnant,
It's too much to bear so in the middle of the night,
To save the life of her Moms, Amy took her own life,
Caught up in a fucked situation do or die,
And the only way that she could escape was suicide,
It's always tragic when innocent blood spills,
Suicide ain't the way, 
but who's to say what you would do if you could feel what they feel?

Chorus (Insane):

Deep down, you'd cry if you could feel it, if you could feel it,
Deep down, you'd cry if you could feel it, oh Lord

Second (J-Dawg):

Now Amy's got a funeral and Mom is wonderin' why,
Such an innocent kid, such as her Amy had to die,
Well her life goes on, it seems that Dad never changed,
Now at Amy's little sister, he was startin' to look strange,
He would often do and say, certain things he wasn't supposed to,
Like "Since the death of Amy, you and me we gotta be closer",
And now another kid's gettin' caught up in the trap,
And the phrase for the day is "Come and sit on Daddy's lap",
And he's fondlein' and touchin' her, she steady yellin' "Stop it!",
Mom burst in, pulled out the four fifth and cocked it,
"Get your hands up off my daughter" is what she told him as she cried,
Found the truth up in this letter Amy left before she died,
She didn't wanna believe, but caught her husband red-handed,
It don't make sense, don't even try to understand it,
Moms closed her eyes, pulled the trigger on the steel,
Didn't really mean to kill,
But she did, and only if you could feel what she feel


Bridge One (Insane):

Amy was down on her knees,
Beggin' "Daddy please, please",
Now that Amy's dead and gone,
Daddy tried that same old song,
Took her Baby Sister, started playin' with her mind it's shame,
But Mama came and put an end to all those damned games